We will not be presenting at PAX West 2021

As you all know, we have presented at a lot of PAXes. In fact, we've never missed a single PAX in the US since 2008. Over 13 years, 36 PAXes, and 58 panels, PAX is a huge part of our lives. We even flew to Australia twice for the first two PAXes down under. Giving a panel at PAX is something we look forward to every year, and every PAX.

We will, regrettably, not be attending or presenting at PAX West 2021.

We are not yet in a post-COVID world. The Delta variant is spreading fast. Not enough people are vaccinated. Frankly, it's too soon for a PAX.

Our official appearance policy is very simple, and we encourage you to consider it for your own personal safety. We will not attend or perform at any convention where masks or social distancing measures are required.

This is not because these measures are not effective. They are extremely important. It is because, as long as such measures are prudent and necessary, it does not seem safe or wise to attend any large indoor gathering. Especially conventions.

Stay safe, stay healthy, be careful, and we hope to see you again at a future PAX! But please, do not risk your health or safety for any convention no matter how much you miss them. It's just too soon, and the near future is too uncertain.


On the Penny Arcade Patreon they put out a poll to see how how many are planning on attending the Club PA meetup that happens at every PAX. This would not count as a scientific poll and no doubt there are many confounding factors that would affect the patron responses, but given the lopsided result I think it is telling that many PA fans and likely-dedicated PAX goers are not going to be attending PAX West 2021.

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Considering what’s going on in Texas, I posed this question in the PAX Reddit:

Yeah. Similarly I’m not seeing the usual buzz and social media I see before PAXes in the before times.

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That’s saying something. I know some of those guys, and they literally travel internationally to keep going to Club PA meetups, that percentage of people saying no thanks, that’s even more major than the number would indicate.


I always forget the “lifestylers” are out there.

Hey, if I had the money and time, I can’t say I wouldn’t do something like that. Enforcing every PAX in a year would be pretty cool.