War on Cars

They finally closed 14th street to cars. Buses literally had to slow down to keep their schedules.

Next step: change the schedule and run more buses.


“Just try and think what you life would be like without cars!”

I feel faint, going to sit down.

Me and my wife have a cargo bike and love it, our baby does too falling asleep very quickly in it. Get some hassle for it in the North of England though. UK car culture is second only to the USA.

What kind of cargo bike?

Babboe City; bought online from Amsterdam and a friend brought it over on the ferry.

The electric ones seem to be getting pretty popular now.

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We were delayed by not one, but two collisions driving back into the City last night.

Is there a way to ‘Big Fire’ fossil fuel, simultaneously and globally? (rendering fossil fuel inert and useless)

C-Jammers. Orbital bombardment with them all over the globe.

Well I’d hope we at least get some warning to let the aircraft land.

There’s a short story about this but I couldn’t find it. I found this instead, it looks bad but has the same scenario.

An “oil-eating” microbe, designed to consume anything made of petrocarbons: oil, gasoline, synthetic fabrics, and of course plastic.

What the company doesn’t realize is that their microbe propagates through the air. But when every car in the Bay Area turns up with an empty gas tank, they begin to suspect something is terribly wrong.

And when, in just a few days, every piece of plastic in the world has dissolved, it’s too late…

I think I’ve mentioned this before. Without cars we might not have the “fuck the police” thread.

And without airplanes we wouldn’t have had carpet bombing. And yet. So it goes.

Carpet bombing doesn’t happen very often.

Car happens constantly.

A question: if people had access to self-driving cars (privately owned or part of a service), used them as much as they currently use their own cars, AND ALSO used them for other kinds of trips made possible by self-driving cars… how much more traffic would that cause?

Turns out: an 85% increase in traffic.

My analogy:

Humans evolved to crave calories by millions of years of evolution where food is scarce. As soon as food becomes plentiful and cheap, there’s an obesity crisis.

Humans also evolved to crave freedom of movement, but also comfortable private environments. As soon as that’s available, there’s a traffic crisis. If there is even more supply of cheap car use, the city itself becomes obese, with clogged arteries and slow movement.

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There is no solution that works unless it reduces the total number of cars, preferably to zero. For self driving cars to help, we need to make self driving cars the only cars. There needs to be only one system, and all other cars must be removed.

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