War on Cars

When you have a government that is at least somewhat functional.

5 articles about how Barcelona is winning the war on cars, largely by making super blocks.

TL;DR: They came in and took 9 square blocks of mixed use zoned space and kicked cars off the tic-tac-toe board. Cars now only go around. All the inside roads were returned to the people. They just did it without wasting too much time asking permission. People got mad. Then they realized it was better and didn’t want it to go back. Now other people want it to happen to their blocks.

You have to force people to change against their will. The world is in danger. We need to force even more drastic changes than this to have a chance of beating things like climate change.


We should do a Thursday show on how to win the war on cars.

The last time we did a show on cars, it was actually about the cars themselves.



Here is some additional ammo.

Frankly, if the air quality is above a certain level in NYC, some percentage of cars should be banned from entering Manhattan for a set number of days.


ban cars

how topical, I literally just watched The Naked Gun

You mean Blues Brothers.

The story

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Park Slope jackasses are now convinced that Jeffery Epstein was behind Bike Lanes.

They finally closed 14th street to cars. Buses literally had to slow down to keep their schedules.

Next step: change the schedule and run more buses.


“Just try and think what you life would be like without cars!”

I feel faint, going to sit down.

Me and my wife have a cargo bike and love it, our baby does too falling asleep very quickly in it. Get some hassle for it in the North of England though. UK car culture is second only to the USA.

What kind of cargo bike?

Babboe City; bought online from Amsterdam and a friend brought it over on the ferry.

The electric ones seem to be getting pretty popular now.

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