War on Cars

Let me interject with a bit of relevant lightheartedness:

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I’d be cool with raising speed limits to where they make sense, but then using technology to 100% enforce the speed limit. You get an email with a ticket before you even make it home. Same with stop signs and red lights. 100% absolute enforcement for violations rather than a prior restraint.

I’d also be OK with 100% enforcing DUI laws somehow.

Those changes alone would drive (get it?) a lot of people to drive a lot less, and probably save a lot of lives.

I speed on freeways. I always have. But I’ve never in my life rolled through a stop sign and have zero patience for people who do. I won’t budge an inch over 20MPH on a New York city street. 100MPH on an empty freeway at night, but I come to a complete stop in the middle of the wilderness at a stop sign.

We could start by doing this in New York City. The speed limit on nearly all NYC streets is 20MPH. I want to see that enforced with the fervor of a Judge Dredd on Sudafed.

Car with built in breathalyser. Ignition doesn’t turn on without using it.

Car with built in breathalyser. If you fail the test, the car explodes as punishment for even thinking about it.

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it empties your bank account.

Oooh, very good idea. A+.

  1. Mandatory breathalysers

  2. Spike Jeff Bezos

  3. Profit

Just go back to the tried-and-true method of setting up DUI checkpoints right outside bars at night. :wink:

Just change it so that the cops involved can’t carry guns and can’t arrest you for anything but DUI.

It’s actually a situation with stop signs. Poorly educated people who run Departments of Transportation (not civil engineers) use them instead of roundabouts or yield signs.

Don’t care. I still expect every driver to come to a complete stop at every stop sign regardless of how “correct” the placement of said stop sign is.

It’s like a test of whether or not you have basic driving skills. Roll through a stop sign? Can’t be trusted to drive.

Vehicles should be yielding to pedestrians regardless. I had some dipshit honk at me because he was making a left turn (one way street onto another one way street) as I was crossing the crosswalk.

Headline is wrong. I am someone who previously thought they were that bad.

people driving or riding in an SUV were 11 per cent more likely to die in an accident than people in cars – thanks to their high centre of gravity and tendency to roll over in crashes. They’re even worse news for pedestrians: SUVs are around twice as likely as cars to kill pedestrians they hit

To be fair, we’ve known both of those facts for many years now, so I can understand them not headlining those facts.

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They have been known for years, but most people still have a false perception that SUVs are safer. They need to be publicized more widely.

I don’t think anyone actually believes SUVs are safer, I think it’s just a safety blanket for SUV owners to justify the purchase to themselves

Disagree. Grew up in midwest. Knew lots of people, my mom included, who bought large SUVs and trucks for the express purpose of them feeling safer.



In sci-fi stories about computers and robots gone wrong, it’s always a bug, accident, or unforeseen consequence that results in them turning evil or harmful. If you just program them to be explicitly evil from the start, that is some fucked up shit!

Mercedes, if you want us to allow you to sell driverless cars, you have to at least pretend you are programming them properly. Then we can find out years later after a bunch of accidents that you lied and then we sue you and there’s a recall and the whole thing like Volkswagen cheating on emissions tests.