Vote for Joe Biden

We are in the final days of the American presidential election. It is absolutely crucial that you not only vote, but specifically vote for Joe Biden and every single Democrat on your ballot.

Voting is not a protest. It is not an expression of perfection. Voting in America is the choice to support one of two power-seeking coalitions. One of these coalitions - the Democratic Party - seeks to govern. The other - the Republican party - seeks a literal minoritarian fascist rule. This is not hyperbole.

People's live are at stake in this election. Access to health care, amidst a deadly global pandemic, is on the ballot. LGBT+ rights are on the ballot. People will die if the Republicans win this election. If you think that's hyperbolic, you are approaching this from a position of extreme privilege. There is no such thing as a "protest vote." To abstain is to support the status quo.

Make a plan to vote. Execute that plan. If you can vote early, do it. If you can vote in-person, do it. If you have to wait 10 hours in a miserable line in the rain, do it. Once you've voted, tell the world. Help someone you know execute their plan and vote.



Honest question to the other New Yorkers. Are you listening to Rym or are you not listening to Rym and instead of voting Democrat, voting Working Families?

The people that I am voting for on the Working Families line are still Democrats. They are the same people.


This is the reason we’re in the spot we’re in: refusal to work together to push our coalition in the right direction. Whenever Republicans are unhappy with their party they form coalitions then try forcing the party in the direction they wish, like the Tea Party and Libertarians have. When Democrats are unhappy they believe it somehow better to strike out on their own, like creating the bullshit US Green Party, than working to make the Democratic party a better place.

Also, yes, there are definitely people running on a separate conservative parties, like Libertarian, but they pull far less from the Republicans than separate liberal parties, like Green, do from Democrats, in effect if not in number.

This is the way people should be forcing the change they want to see in the Democratic party.

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You’re misunderstanding. This isn’t a typical 3rd party situation. It’s a New York specific thing.



We did push our coalition in the right direction. Biden’s platform includes a significant set of Bernie’s priorities now. The Biden platform is a good solid platform.

Also, it’s easy for people to pretend that everyone held their nose to vote for Biden in the primary. The Democrats are a big tent party. Biden is genuinely popular. He won the primary because of that popularity. His platform speaks to a very large number of Americans.

Far leftist causes are not popular. It will take a lot of time to push some of those ideas. And the time for that is in primaries, when fascism is not literally on the ballot in the general.

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Oh god why are you guys doing this I thought we were done…

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The election didn’t happen yet. It is imperative that every single person in America vote for Joe Biden.

This is more important than GeekNights.

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Not we the American people, we these 20 weirdos on the internet who are absurdly insular and haven’t had a new train of thought about this election since Super Tuesday. There’s nothing left to be said between this group and nobody’s watching us anyway so what’s really the point? It’s draining trust in the community with zero gain and I’m sick of you stoking the fires when nothing’s burning anymore.

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If you think asking people to vote is “stoking the fires” then I don’t know what to say to you.

Most of our fans don’t use our forums or Discords. They listen to the show. They see the web site. They’re watch youtubes. They’re not here. This is just a thread hanging off of our public statement, posted to our web site, as happens with all public statements we make as news posts.

I would be glad if anyone who is angry about this statement left our community permanently.

So why do we have a thread for this? You just said they’re not here. Say it on the show, say it on the website, say it on YouTube – that’s where you can reach people who haven’t been watching this skeletal husk of a horse be beaten for the 8th month in a row. I care if your positions are right as much as mine – which is to say barely at all. I care if you’re getting your message to anyone who will hear it and this thread is the antithesis of that.

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You do realize that every news post automatically has a thread, right? And always has?

If this thread bothers you, please refrain from posting in it.

You could have deleted it. You’re an admin, you get to do that. Telling me to just ignore it is telling me to let the futile anger keep going and bleed more and more of the community I grew up in. I don’t post in politics threads anymore because there’s nothing I can say to stop it, I’ve tried, but this is the thread where I can take a fucking stand against the lazy slogans you insist on pouring like napalm.

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Just to be clear, I’m in agreement with Rym on Biden’s platform and primaries to push for those ideas. Scott’s right, I misunderstood the situation.

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Also because they’re all locked.


Yeah but they were locked far later than they should have been. Inaction on the flamethrower stalemates is why we lost so many posters this past year. Action should’ve been taken quickly and the moderation here just let it destroy so much we had.

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To be fair, the Working Families Party situation is primarily a New York thing, due to the way our ballots work and the threshold to remain on the ballot.

I doubt they will ever nominate a presidential candidate who is not a Democrat in the rest of my lifetime. Their real power is helping push progressive agendas downballot. But they almost always stay out of the way of a Democrat who’s already running.

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Finally voted!

There was a ~2 hour wait, and there was a problem with the ballot printer, but I have officially voted in the most important election in American history.

Ballot printer??? Every time I’ve ever voted the ballots were already there printed and ready, not printed on demand.