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Anybody able to help me out? Are those the best Jack Boxes or should I pass?


Ok so I only see 3 Jack Boxes there. They’re the Jack Box Party Packs 1 and 2 in the second tier and 3 in the third.

All three of those I can wholeheartedly recommend. Though often my friends and I will play whichever one is closest and highest. (which these days is 4)

The you don’t know jack and the individual games in there I can’t really comment on. Quiplash is great but I’ve only ever played it inside jackbox party pack whatever one has quiplash.

Long story short 12 bucks for JBPP 1, 2 &, 3 is a great deal. I’d basically ignore the rest though.


The weird part of that bundle is you’re effectively getting duplicates. Those singles like Quiplash are packaged in the Jackboxes. So if you register the party packs might as well give away quiplash and whatnot.

The YDKJ games are just trivia. They’re usually standalone but one of them might be from the first party pack.


If you don’t already have Jackbox, just buy the bundle of everything. Congratulations, now you have the Jackbox.


Are you sure they are exactly the same version and don’t have some sort of extra content?


Quiplash and Drawful 2 I’m almost positive are the same game that are bundled in party pack. Fibbage XL I can’t remember if it ever got packaged with one of the party packs. That might have a bit extra stuff in it.


Which party pack contains Drawful 2?


3 I think, because the most recent one has TeeKO and each one tends to have 1 and only 1 drawing game


Oh yeah you’re right, Drawful 2 is not in any of them. I thought it might have been in 4. Not bad then.


Yeah, I’m dumb I just looked it up. The drawing game in 4 is so… dull? I forgot about it. 1 has actual Drawful, 2 has that game where you bid on art you all drew, 3 has TeeKO and 4 has that game where you all iterate on each other’s drawings.


They announced a long time ago that Drawful 2 was its own thing and would never be a part of a party pack.


Drawful 2 is worth the stand alone purchase. TWO COLORS



Hollow Knight < $10 on Steam. Gonna get it.

EDIT: Also < $10 on the Nintendo Switch eShop.


Humble Overwhelmingly Positive Bundle is pretty good if you don’t have Opus Magnum yet. Also, PM me for a free SOMA code.


I also have a SOMA code I can’t use.


I matched you guys on cost and area but what’s the secret to get cycles down?


That arm is spending a lot of time moving. Right at the start the arm carries the element three spaces.

Grab, move, move, move, drop

That’s two cycles worse than the minimum of

Grab move drop

After that it goes all the way back to the start.

move move move grab

That’s two more cycles lost vs the minimum of

move grab

After that it’s pretty efficient except that the arm ends two spaces away from the start. That’s one more useless movement before it can start again.

That’s 5 cycles right there. The key to reducing cycles is to have no wasted movements. This usually means you have to sacrifice cost and/or area by getting some extra arms in there for parallel actions.

Look at this one I made for example:

With three arms I can get three elements out of the source as fast as possible. The long arm grabs at the first possible cycle that all three balls are ready. It moves it as little as possible to get it to the end goal. Then it gets back to grab the next molecule just in time. No wasted movements. It’s expensive, though, since you’ve got three arms just grabbing from the source. One arm could do the work of those three, but it would waste a lot of time moving back and forth like yours does. Hell, the whole thing could be done with one arm.


I’m kind of starting to like my stupid as fuck cheap creations that do the job. This one’s pretty awful.


Whatever gets it done.