Video game offers


I have never been to an anime convention.


I had given up on playing PUBG because I’m so late to the party. But now it’s on sale for a much more reasonable $20, and it’s not like it’s completely dead or anything. Maybe.


I still play it a few times a week. Except today my windows updated and it isn’t running so smoothly as before. Got to work out why.


It’s been on the decline from what I understand. I wish they still had the War Mode or whatever it was. I saw video of it after the fact and it looked fun.

All about that Fortnite now son.


Not playing the Fortnite with the punk kids.


Yeah, I really don’t like Fortnite despite my several attempts to get into it.


I’ll play PUBG. Let’s do it.

Overwatch for life, but I have a little more free gaming time than I used to.


I will join a PUBG squad if you’re looking for guidance.


Hit up @Churba if you want someone to accidentally shoot you.


Summer Steam Sale is coming in two days.


Oh yeah I remember looking that up recently then forgot. I feel like the steam sales these days aren’t much better than the random deals you can get at every other online store. Doesn’t seem as monumental an occasion as it used to.


He sounds like he’s joking but he’s not joking. The chart exists for a reason.

Either way, I’m always down for a game or two when I can, just hit me up on discord, or whatever social media. I’m getting better at not shooting teammates, promise - these days, it’s more shooting AT than just shooting dead. And despite the jokes, I am honestly pretty decent at it, I have earned solo dinners to go with Anteater team dinners in the past, and I’m still about 90% sure I hold the record for longest anteater kill, though it has been some time since I played.

As for it being on the decline, it’s still been topping the steam charts consistently for the whole year so far, so it can’t be that dead.


Hadn’t checked the numbers but yeah you’re right. I think it was in comparison to Fortnite that the commentary was it was “dying”. Especially with some bigger name PUBG streamers migrating over to Fortnite. But yeah still looks to be beating out Dota from Steam Charts numbers.


Steam sale is live, but Steam store is down.


Shadowrun Returns free on humble, fantastic game. The two other campaigns are better, but that doesn’t diminish this one.


I have also purchased the PUBG


Cool here’s a weird naked man dispensing a chicken dinner.


Night in the Woods is $14 this week



Does the humble bundle have the right games? Or don’t bother.