Video game offers

Got an email about multiple items on my wish list being on sale

Must be the Steam Halloween sale.

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Considering the steam store is down for me right now, while the rest of steam is perfectly functional, I think you might be right.


Oh, wow. That is actual news. Maybe I’ll get to play Metro… the new one.

Uh, this doesn’t look like EA is just going to sell games on Steam. It looks like EA has a new subscription service, and if you pay for it, you can access those games via Steam.

The question is do they also offer the titles for sale in the storefront as they make them steam friendly so that they can sell the Subscription through steam. Sadly I am N levels deep in Sims 4 content on Origin at this point so I’m locked into that platform, but if I can play future battlefield games on steam that could be a big deal.

Xbox Game Pass is only $1 for the first month. I’ve been using it to play The Outer Worlds on the PC.

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The Messenger on Switch is $12 this weekend. If you liked NES Ninja Gaiden, you’ll like it.

It’s also free on Epic store!

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And with that I now have Epic store installed. Thanks for mentioning this Churba.

Big time steam sale going on.

Wasteland 2 is free on GOG right now.

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Civ VI 75% off, fifteen bucks on steam.

I’ve played Civ a lot in my life, but only played V a handful of times. I haven’t even bought VI. I feel like I might be good on Civilizations.

Do I really really need this one?

I mean, I love Civ VI, and Civ V and CIV IV so probably can’t take my opinion :slight_smile:

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Some game called The Pedestrian is on my wishlist, and steam emailed me that it’s on sale.

Why did I put this game on my list? Don’t recognize the maker, or even the title. This forum is about the only place I would guess I heard about it, but searching for “The Pedestrian” gives me nothing.

I’ve never seen this game, or anything like it, before in my life, not even at PAX. But it does look pretty neat!

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I don’t care about soccer, but the very famous Football Manager game is free for a week.

Figure I might as well try it for free just to see how it is, since it’s insanely popular.

Edit: Never mind. Don’t even click unless you want to make it your life and know a fuck ton about soccer. It’s a level of simulation of managing a soccer team probably even beyond the level of grognard war game at simulating being a general in a war. If you’re good at this game, you can be hired as a real GM of a real team.


I’ve had an extra copy each of Skullgirls and Nidhogg sitting in my inventory for years so message me if you want them.