Video game offers

TumbleSeed on Switch for $5.

If you’ve got Twitch prime or Amazon Prime, you can get a year of Switch online free. If you’ve already got Ninty online, it just adds the free period to your current subscription.


Ok, so check this out.

If you have the bs Nintendo Online service which costs $20 a year, you are eligible to purchase two game vouchers. The two vouchers cost $100 total (plus tax and shit). You can redeem each voucher for one free digital game on Switch. Obviously, you choose the most expensive games, which are $60. You basically save $20. You get Mario Maker 2 and then maybe get Animal Crossing and there you go. $20 saved.

Basically, this is identical to “buy two $60 games and get Switch Online service for free for one year.”

But there’s more. If you are like me, unwilling to pay for Nintendo online, but you got it for free thanks to Twitch Prime, then you actually save $20 more.

So basically, if you have a Switch, and Nintendo Online (even if you got it for free thanks to Twitch Prime) and you play to buy two $60 Switch games in the near-ish future (not sure how long before the vouchers expire), you should buy two game vouchers.

EDIT: The vouchers are good for 12 months. You must have an active Nintendo Online subscription at the time you purchase the vouchers, and also at the time you use them.

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As much as that would benefit me to save $20, I’m going to wait to see what Animal Crossing packages/deals they may have. I bet they will have special joycons. UGH. I want them separately, even though I have enough joycons in red, blue, pink, and green.

Even if you buy some physical edition of Animal Crossing, I am positive that within the next 12 months there will be two other $60 Switch games you will buy digitally.

Will almost definitely cost $60 and be out this year:

Mario Maker 2
Pokemon Sword/Shield
Luigi’s Mansion 3
Dragon Quest Builders 2
Fire Emblem game
Animal Crossing

May or may not cost $60:

Link’s Awakening Remake
Mineko’s Night Market
Goose Game

Might not be out within the year, but will cost $60 for sure

Metroid Prime 4
Dragon Quest 10/11
Some kind of Shin Megami Tensei game

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Definite buys:

Mario Maker 2
Pokemon (may have some cool exclusives though)
Animal Crossing
Zelda: Link’s Awakening
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

I don’t need this now. If it exists when Metroid Prime 4 comes out, I might grab it. I’m going to wait and see.

I can’t believe Link’s Awakening will be $60, but we’ll see. I’m not sure Mario Maker 2 is worth $60 to me.

Having finished Zelda, I went and bought a bunch of small games—Baba is You, The Messenger, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1, Shovel Knight.

The vouchers are only available until July 31, 2019.

I love the varying amounts of respect the names for games have on this list. There are just the names as they are “Pokemon Sword/Shield, Mineko’s Night Market”, names that are about there “Dragon Quest 10/11 (who cares about exact numbers), Fire Emblem game” and then there is “Some kind of Shin Megami Tensei game”

Also good to remember that it works on older games. I was considering using half of this to get Mario Odyssey.

If they can do vouchers once, they can do it again. There aren’t two big Nintendo games I want to buy in the next year. Hence, wait and see.

Why are they doing vouchers at all? This is a somewhat weird, roundabout discount.

Nintendo is weird.

Also, even though it’s a discount of $20, Nintendo gets your $50 now instead of your $60 later. That doesn’t count all the foolish people who will only save themselves $10 or fewer dollars and not maximize the discount. That doesn’t count all the people who might be tricked into getting Nintendo Online because this makes it free.

At least it’s easier to max out this discount than to mess with airline miles.

Maybe they’re trying to goose their subscription numbers? And trick people into staying subscribed?

Sims 4 is free for a limited time

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I don’t know if they are any good, but these Age of Wonders games are free/dirt cheap.

The Messenger is 33% of on PS4/Steam/Switch and just got new, free DLC. If you liked NES Ninja Gaiden and want a dash of Metroidvania, check it out.

Get every game in the nonary/zero time/9 hours 9 whatever series all in one bundle on Steam for $8

I’ve heard from someone who’s opinion I trust on these things that that might be too much money for them, and supposedly you should get DR1/2/v3:

The current Humble Bundle for Jackbox is pretty good for anyone who has yet to pick up any of the party packs, or likes their trivia games. If you pay the highest tier and add Jackbox Party Pack 5 (at a heavy discounted) to your cart while checking, you can get all of the party packs for under $30.

Danganronpas are definitely worth that price. But I also think that Virtue’s Last Reward and 999 are woth $8 no matter how bad Zero Time Dilemma is (haven’t gotten around of playing that as people keep saying how bad it is).