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What do you think is the preorder bonus?


Investors get paid and employees get screwed.



Found this on the SG board, Looks like it could be fun!


I already own it. I’ve mentioned it on the forums once or twice before, it’s pretty good. Kinda minecraft meets Left 4 Dead, with rowdy dwarves and Sci-fi. It’s still in beta, but it’s definitely got potential, and they seem to be focusing on making a good game rather than just kicking it out the door as soon as it’s playable.


The European Final Fantasy XIV fanfest is going down right now and they released the full story trailer, showed off the new class and Viera being brought in as a playable race. Super exciting!


Welp, someone figured out how to get Rym to play Fortnite.



I been hearing good things about this and wanted to pass it on,it was described to me as a Free to Play game that combines Overwatch and Battle Royle.


This reviewer at Ars Technica wasn’t too impressed with it:

There’s also the interesting theory that EA released this game literally the day before the Q3 2019 investor call, in order to bolster good news, after their recent disappointments with Battlefield V and the cancellation of one of their Star Wars games.


Very much: Meh.

Meanwhile I found a somewhat unpolished indie game on Steam called “Evil Bank Manager” which should be more accurately titled: “Plutocracy of the Early Renaissance” Found a bank, buy Property, make weapons, manipulate governments into declaring war. Found a Reserve Bank, etc.

There’s also Star Traders: Frontiers which is a second version of an old Android game. Get a ship, get crew, get jobs, keep flying in a Warhammer40k/Dune-like universe.


I’ve played a few rounds, it’s alright. It’s not there yet - and that’s okay, I mean it did both announce and release yesterday - but it’s definitely got potential.



20 years too late for Jack Thompson.

I literally have Jack Thompson’s Wikipedia page open in another tab because I’m outlining our panel for PAX East. What a crazy coincidence.


it will fail to get any foothold like every other tax like this proposed. What should be done is take this as a springboard to grill these politicians on far more important issues and direct that energy towards greater social improvement
Why are we spending money to add security to schools? Maybe instead of treating the symptoms we should actually fix the rampant school shooter problem and improve the mental health awareness/care accessible to young people. Maybe we should add or increase the taxes on other things that people consider far larger social dangers than violent videogames, like cigarettes and all nicotine related paraphernalia. Hell, why don’t we attack the actual cause -> effect of this issue and increase the tax on firearms and ammunition by 10%? Then at least the people who are directly and indirectly responsible for putting firearms in the hands of school shooters are funding the security measures the state wants to take against them.



Really, we’re gonna trust Bowser to run nintendo?


He has the pedigree…


Why not? We already trust Bowser to run D.C.


The US Capitol isn’t in charge of the Mario franchise. Totally different stakes.