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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is coming…with (optional) ads.

EDIT: Fixed.


Street fighter 5 has been out for years now, and the ads are optional.

“Capcom will introduce ads into Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition as part of an update on Dec. 11. Those ads will appear during loading screens, on stages and on costumes, though Capcom says they will be optional: Players will be able to turn them off.”


Turning them off will not allow you to collect the currency to unlock characters, stages, or outfits. This is them forcing ads of you do not want to pay for their content.


You still get the fight money, just less of it.





Get in line behind Toys ‘R’ Us and Sears. Private equity buy it up, take all the money, shut everything down.


I haven’t bought a game at a store since… Tribes 2?


I’ll sometimes stop by GameStop if I’m visiting another nearby store to browse their collections of used games for anything that catches my eye. I’ve also occasionally bought used systems there as well. That said, if it were to go under it would be mostly a mild annoyance to me.


I realized that this is how I usually interacted with videogame stores: I’d go if it was near another place I was already going.

But for a good decade now I don’t actually go to stores. Other than specialty sporting goods at REI, I’m hard pressed to name any non-grocery non-drug store I’ve gone to in the last several months.


Gamestop is less of a Video Game store and more a place to buy “Video Game Adjacent” Merch these days. Most Gamestops I’ve been in are overflowing with Funko Pops and the like.


Yeah, I hadn’t been to a GameStop in ages, but for some reason, I popped into one a couple weeks ago, and I was surprised at how much space was being taken up with figures and videogame-related merchandise, instead of actual games.

I’m old though, and I still remember when GameStop, Electronics Boutique, and Babbages actually carried PC games.


I was in a gamestop last year one time. They were discontinuing wow game time cards so they were selling them for half price, so I bought them up. The guy was nice enough. That same store though, historically, was a ripoff. There was one guy there, the manager, that multiple times was screwing people over in all the usual ways we all know, but then there was an incident in which I actually did pre-order a game (Disgaea 2 or 3) and they didn’t get the game in on time… and the dude just wouldn’t admit it. He made up something about it coming out the next week or something. Not “oh we didn’t get that yet”, but “you’re wrong games not out yet”. I went to another game store across the street and bought the game the same day… once again… never preorder…


That right there is the sound of your hip going out, old man.


/15 characters of LOL

But yes, I’m old enough to remember when Babbages would actually let you take games home to try out, before you bought them, and EB had a “No Questions Asked” return policy for all games within 10 days.

Heck, I remember when EB had TWO PC game sections… one for disk games and one for CD-ROMs!