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How in the world are they going to pull the multi screen play off on the switch? Let alone the PS4?


Man, fuck those chefs.


Tonberrys are pretty much the assholes in all Final Fantasy games.



Should we…?



If you want to try online?! ;^)


Signatories to the “declaration of gambling regulators on their concerns related to the blurring of lines between gambling and gaming”.

  • Austria: Alfred Hacker, Director, Federal Ministry of Finance
  • Czech Republic: Karel Blaha, Director of the State Oversight Over Gambling Department
  • France: Charles Coppolani, Chair of the French Online Gaming Regulatory Authority
  • Gibraltar: Andrew Lyman, Executive Director, Gambling Division, HM Government of Gibraltar
  • Ireland: Brendan Mac Namara, Principal Officer, Gambling Policy Division, Department of Justice and Equality of Ireland
  • Isle of Man: Steve Brennan, Chief Executive, Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Jersey: Jason Lane, Chief Executive, Jersey Gambling Commission
  • Latvia: Signe Birne, Director of Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia
  • Malta: Heathcliff Farrugia, Chief Executive Officer, Malta Gaming Authority
  • The Netherlands: Jan Suyver, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Netherlands Gambling Authority
  • Norway: Henrik Nordal, Director Deputy General, Norwegian Gaming Authority
  • Poland: Paweł Gruza, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Finance
  • Portugal: Teresa Monteiro, Vice-President of Turismo de Portugal, I.P
  • Spain: Juan Espinosa García, CEO, Directorate General for Gambling Regulation
  • Washington State : David Trujillo, Director, Washington State Gambling Commission
  • UK: Neil McArthur, Chief Executive Officer, UK Gambling Commission


Australia also has some proposals about it, but I’ll be honest, if anything does go through, I’d expect it would just be an extra tax on lootboxes. The government here is less offended by gambling, than gambling where they don’t get to dip their beaks.


Would an extra tax discourage game developers from continually doing loot boxes? Has it been effective in Australia?


It won’t discourage them. They’ll probably just charge Australian gamers more per box, since they are used to getting gouged anyway. The government will just get a cut.


See, I get what you’re thinking, and you’re going in completely the wrong direction - they don’t care if it’s being discouraged or not, they care about potential gambling revenue that they’re not getting a cut of. Seriously, I’m not sure you understand how entirely okay the government is here with gambling - we as a nation are literally the most prolific gamblers in the world, and have been for quite some time, since the early 90s.

For example - There’s literally two pubs close enough to my place in suburban nowhere that you could get to either of them at a reasonable jog and not even feel out of breath, both with full TAB betting offices and about 70-100 slot machines each. One of my city’s most prominent heritage listed buildings is a Casino. Practically every pub, bowls club, sporting and workers club, and other venue that can get a gambling license not only has one, but has gambling actively available. And this is not some quirk of geography, or an unusual situation - almost every place I’ve lived in this country has been the same. Gambling is almost entirely deregulated here, and most of the regulations ensure two things - relatively fair games that aren’t rigged, and that the government gets their cut.



This old Penny Arcade strip is finally relevant.


Play them here. Have fun!


Then the @Undertale account started Tweeting.


I’m excited. 15 characters worth of excited.


I just saw all of the smash cast fucking die.