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See also: Advance Wars clones.

From what I gather, the main reason they didn’t make more AW was that it took too much human game design to make even one game.


Instead they just make Fire Emblem bullshit that is mostly designed to kinda fuck you over, partly because they seem fairly slapdash and can usually just be overcome with leveling crap.

Add some VN, some romance options, and you’ll cover a lot more ground than AW could. For better or worse.


I would throw all the money at Advanced Wars + VN romance stuff.


But that’s just it. The reason Advance Wars felt so satisfying and tight is that every single level of the campaign was a giant design project in and of itself.


Dead Cells piqued my interest because it looks like a really tight brawler. The whole metroidvania thing is more of a fun backdrop to me. I think I was playing Ninja Gaiden Black during the same phase you were playing Metroid.


I played more dead cells and my opinion improved. The map still isn’t interesting. But once I figured out how it works, it is a significant improvement on Rogue Legacy.

There was this elite enemy I couldn’t beat. When I finally beat it, I got a magic rune. That rune stays with me on all future runs and gives me an ability that lets me access new places. Now the game is completely different. I’ve not seen a roguelike work quite like this before.




Makes me want to play some Counter-Strike.


CS:GO looks so weird having not seen one second of gameplay in years. No run animation on the hands and weapon is really uncanny valley now.



Sounds like Amazon is getting rid of the 20% preorder discount. No reason to buy physical near launch anymore.


Buy Smash with the discount while it’s still a thing.



Civ vi is going to be a switch title.


But is Civ 6 good yet also where is my play by turn multiplater mode for it lol


The Picross never stops.


Please stop releasing Picrosses faster than I can solve them.



Well, that’s the first one I’m not buying.