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Well, that doesn’t only talk about FPSes, it’s about all competitive team videogames, mobas being the other current big ones. And I think it overfocused on the ladder part. Playing such games with random team is always playing russian roulette. Also I think that ignored big thing about ladder systems which is to get people of equal skill level to play together. And while the matchmaking systems in team games often feels shitty and it’s easy to get matches where it seems that the result was determined by the algorithm, it’s way better than just randomly mashing players together from the whole player pool.


Holy shit. That is the WRONG voice for extra credits. Completely lacks the modesty that sort of tempered Portnow’s attitude. This is radio DJ sounding “bronzest of the bronze tier” sounds straight up Casey Kasem… which was probably fine for radio… but not for this…




Gamecube controller back for the Switch.


Sanrio Picross on 3DS tomorrow!


Made by the same people who make Picross e. No, my moneys.


This is the top of the Splatoon 2 leaderboards as of right now-ish.


How do you even cheat at Splatoon? I don’t have a Switch is there an SD card slot on them?


My guess is just send maliciously crafted http requests to the Splatoon servers.


The entire first version of the switch hardware is hackable from a component level. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Luckily they seemed to have patched the vulnerability in current specs of the hardware.

I would love play a Diablo on the switch, as that type of game would be perfect on a handle.


For those interested in picking up the newly released Mega Man X collections:

“The issue, as confirmed by comparing the collection’s games to their cartridge counterparts, is that Capcom’s chosen emulation solution isn’t exactly up to snuff on Switch hardware. The first three SNES games were known for pushing that hardware to its limits—a fact that the series’ speedrunners are mindful of when blazing through those older games—and they all suffered from pockets of slowdown. But our testing has concluded that the Switch versions always slow down at least a little bit more than their cartridge counterparts.”

"As of press time, the anthology’s PC version has a few quirks, as well. Its resolution picker appears to be locked to four resolutions, no matter what your monitor or Windows PC reports. So if you’re using an ultra-wide monitor or a 4K screen, you’re currently stuck with unoptimized resolutions. That may not seem like a big deal for games with native resolutions as low as 240p, but an inexact resolution makes it all the more difficult to get pixels to line up properly—and our testing revealed some misaligned pixels in every available resolution while testing on a 4K TV.

Worse, perhaps, is a bug that, as of press time, often tanks the game’s frame rate when you tell either volume to run in pure fullscreen mode as opposed to “borderless fullscreen.” This issue is hard to reproduce in the superior Volume One collection, at least, but it did crop up in both volumes."

"In the meantime, we simply have no idea what post-launch support to expect for this anthology, which leads us to only firmly recommend the anthologies for PS4 and Xbox One players for the time being. Everyone else should either tread cautiously or wait for Capcom to offer an official update."


A few 2D sprite games from several console generations ago are pushing the Switch hardware “to its limits”?
What reality is this?


I have the GameCube Mega Man and Mega Man X collection discs. They are just fine. I’m sure some fanboys will be able to point out problems with them, but I couldn’t tell them apart from any emulated version. I don’t need to buy these games AGAIN.


I’m guessing it’s the emulation layer, not the 2d sprite layer, that is causing the slowdown.



I don’t understand why they decided to do the second Mega Man collection in-house, and botch it, after just having Cifaldi create the definitive collection of original games.

I own the first one on GC, but the new one is like a museum piece, and was available on 3DS, so I grabbed it there to give me some handheld megamans.


I’m thinking about taking my NES ROM collection and literally just playing every single game in alphabetical order.

Not beating them. Just playing, streaming, and briefly reviewing.

This would be a good winter project.


Taiko no Tatsujin for the Switch is coming to the europe and america.