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I expect it’ll go about as well as Pokkén Tournament did then disappear from everyone’s radar. Pokémon Unite being made by a Tencent studio could add controversy that causes it stick around longer though.

Update on the GameStop activist story.


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 does an incredible number of things to be accessible to all games. I failed to see this talked about much till today but it seems quite important and should be amplified.

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Curse you! I have several spare GBAs and such, and now I want to do this.

Also, this video is obviously an advertisement in disguise, but I’m into it.

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Welp thanks to that video I went looking for my old GameBoys. I found a GBA and a DS Lite. But I am very confident that I still had my Game Boy Color, as well as at least one other GBA and SP. I can’t find those anywhere…

Zelda 4 swords with those modified GBAs

The Verge: This tiny Xbox controller is designed for Microsoft’s xCloud service.

Even though this is a death, the person wasn’t really a celebrity, so I feel this thread is more appropriate.

56 year old CEO of MSI, the motherboard and graphics card company, died from falling off a building.

G4 is coming back? Why?

Superhot recently released DLC (sequel?) called Mind Control Delete. Instead of the puzzle like scenarios of the base game it’s more of a rougelike where you must complete a series of randomized rooms and choose upgrades at breakpoints.

If you bought the base game on Steam you get it completely free


Up to floor 3 of the maze and I have been enjoying it. The core conceit is you have to kill X number of dudes in each of the levels and what levels you play and their order is randomized for each node on the map for a floor, once you beat a node that progress is saved so even if you are bad you can still luck/brute force your way through progression eventually (Hopefully getting better along the way).

As you go you will unlock 2 kinds of powerups, Cores which give you a core power you always have for a node run, and mid node runs you’ll get hacks that are pick 1 out of 2 pulled from a pool you unlock as you make your way through the maps these are lost if you die and have to restart a node. Cores have things like extra hit points (You only have 2 normally), a recharging dash attack, starting with a sword you can pull back to you after you throw it, etc. and all really alter how you play. Hacks can be anything from very basic (1 extra hp, recharge all hp, more bullets in guns, faster time between shots) to more interesting new abilities (throwables explode into shots when they impact, shots pierce multiple enemies, punches are stronger and you can punch bullets, etc.). If you liked SUPERHOT then MCD is iterating on the previously established gameplay in interesting ways and gives you way more content even if its less curated.

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They’re shutting down Twitch Sings.

Dunno if it counts as a digital convention, but Realms Deep was last weekend. Big show put on by a bunch of indie devs making throwback shooters. Lots of trailers and game reveals.