Video Game Hype Thread

It’s not like Frog Fractions. The gameplay is consistent.

This actually looks very good. From the video it looks like a standard block-pushing Sokoban puzzle situation. However, you can pick up hats which give you powers. Also, the blocks you push have hats. Unique twist I haven’t seen before, plus cute theme!

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Death Stranding is coming out on PC tomorrow, and I’m honestly extremely hype. A game that’s all about beautiful vistas, weirdly detailed simulation of menial tasks(in this case, stacking and carrying packages), contributing resources to communal projects, and about helping other people, both in the sense of helping NPCs, and in the sense of helping other players by doing things like picking up their lost packages and delivering them?


I will probably play it.

If you haven’t already, and presuming you don’t mind some spoilers(like, of the in-depth discussion of themes and portrayal including story events, not the simple “Vader is Luke’s Father” kind), you should check out Noah Caldwell-Gervais’ video on it. Like, it’s not detailed point-by-point discussion of the plot, but it still talks about a lot of stuff and wanders all up and down the storyline.

If you do mind spoilers, still watch it, just after you play the game. It’s an hour and a half long, but it’s a detailed, thoughtful, and very well-considered examination of the game as an entity, rather than the usual review-styled sort of thing.

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The new diplomacy district is interesting and I’m sure the secret societies will be fun.


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Jet Set Radio sequel?

Not officially, but it might as well be if it plays like it looks to.



Final Fantasy XIV is getting new content patch soon and today trailer and bunch of information for it dropped. And I’m hyped. That game reliably gets me super excited about it few times a year. But that’s mostly interesting only for people who play XIV.

There was also something for people who don’t play it yet. The free trial of FF XIV will be expanded to include all content of the base game and the first expansion. Trial players have some restrictions, mostly on interactions with other players, but that’s a full-ass rpg and a sequel for free. Easily at least 100 hours of stuff to do.


I’m not sure if I want an F-16 stick or an F-18. I need to see the full control scheme of this game STAT.

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five-on-five matches will be ranked during online play. The hardest part, I think, will be finding enough people with the right kind of skills — and the patience — for high-level ranked play.

Red 5, standing by.

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I still have a logitech wingman that usually works ok… will see if it’s acceptable to this.

damn I JUST bought Overcooked 2 for switch.

As a HUGE fan of the old Armored Core and Front Mission games, I’ve been keeping my eyes on Dual Gear, which just released on Early Access for Steam. Hopefully it’s good.


Releasing August 20.

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