Video Game Hype Thread


This game I saw at PAX South last year that is definitely NOT Ninja Gaiden is coming out way soon.


I’m 1000% down for this, instant buy.


Had to look up what they meant by chookie. Thought it was some kind of stoner slang.



OK, so get this. It’s a walk around and hit things Action RPG. Bleh.

But you only play like, 15 minutes at a time on little missions. Co-op with your friends too, in real time.

And it’s also like Left 4 Dead. One player is a “dungeon master” who lays all the traps in the dungeon and puts out the monsters and that sort of stuff.

It’s gonna be free to play, but with no PvP, there can’t be any P2W. They’re going to charge for more classes and more ways to customize classes. Imagine Diablo where you have to pay real money or else you only have one path down the skill tree. As the kind of person who will probably only play this for a couple weeks, and only play one class, I think it’s gonna be free. Of course, it won’t be free until 2019. They’re going to charge money for early access on Steam.


I express mild curiosity.


That doesn’t sound like Left 4 Dead at all. There’s no “dungeon master” in L4D. L4D is a cooperative shooter. No one lays out traps or puts out monsters.

Maybe you’re thinking of Dungeon Keeper?


You mean Left 4 Dead where there is a team that acts as the zombies and can respawn infinitely? Just replace that team with one person instead of a team.


Left 4 Dead is primarily a cooperative zombie survival game. Yes, there’s a “versus mode,” but that’s like saying that Mass Effect is a multiplayer shooter. It may have multiplayer, but it’s primarily a single player roleplaying game.

And even in the versus mode, the players don’t lay down traps or even decide where they’re going to respawn. It’s all random or controlled by the AI Director.



I didn’t even know this was happening. Yes please.



Well, that’s going to be all kinds of awesome.


This is a fan game that will be available tomorrow.

EDIT: Here’s the demo.


I only care about the soundtrack. If Yuzo Koshiro brings the banging EDM BGM, then I’m all in. If he doesn’t, then I’m out. Based on the music we hear in this trailer, not good.


Y’all watch any of that Cyberpunk stream? Seemed neat but I’m dubious how much will make it into the final game.


Nope, after the drama that has happened so far, I’m not touching that game with an infinitely long pole.


Not familiar :thinking:


O M G!!!

Praying for Yuzo Koshiro!


I’m not super familiar with it but basically they made, then doubled-down on, some pretty transphobic jokes.