Video Game Hype Thread


I think it will. There was a game long time ago on origin which was not showing at all in UK, used a vpn, changed my region and got it.

Don’t use chrome extensions of vpn. I think it worked coz it was a paid one. Not sure about free ones. They leak ips you can’t make a purchase.

You can check best vpn providers for your use.


Oh! Now that you’ve reminded me, there has been an update - We Happy Few has now been given classification unchanged, under the R-18+ rating, so things are looking a lot rosier for Cyberpunk 2020.


The Last Of Us 2 looks like it’s going to be amazing. The remastered version was phenomenal on the PS4.

I’m also keeping an eye on Anthem. It could still devolve into DLC/Microtransaction garbage, despite assurances from the devs that it won’t. I’d say it could be a Destiny killer, but Destiny is already dead by it’s own hand. It has to yet and take on Warframe and The Division (2) at this point. Anthem’s gameplay videos also look…okay…but the action doesn’t look very actiony, or very engaging.

I also have been going into The Division again, and finding it fun. So TD2 might get my interest, but will likely wait a year and get the compete whatever edition.


Installed that recently. Saw a new-ish trailer for it and it seems quite a bit different. Got sidetracked starting up No Mans Sky though.



Oh shit, this is like 75% of the game I’ve always wanted to make. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


DotA card game is coming in November. $20. Playable at PAX.


Designed by Richard Garfield.


I’ve already said goodbye to $20.


Never mind, call it the fuck off. The $20 only gets you some starters and boosters. Even worse, all the cards are going to be sellable and buyable on the Steam marketplace. No matter how good this game is, it’s going to be scam city. Every lowlife and con artist is going to be riding on it to make a buck. Avoid at all costs.


Fuck. That. Noise.


Of course they are. It’s a multiplayer valve game. I bet even single player games (if they ever make another) will find a way to sneak it in.


This looks amazing:


Shameless semi-self-promotion moment:

My studio’s latest game project just went live on Kickstarter. It involves hamsters and kung-fu, which is clearly a match made in heaven.

(I am not directly involved in the project, but what I’ve seen of it is pretty neat.)


This is billed as an RTS for people who suck at RTS games, e.g: me. Also vikings.


I can’t believe this game is back again.


It was such a good concept, but in the end it wasn’t actually fun and had serious flaws.


Dragon Quest XI is soon arriving to the west. That and Fallout 76 might very well destroy any resemblance of social life that I still have.


I’m interested in Dragon Quest XI, but I need to finish 3 first, also was going to play 4 after that, and maybe some of the others. VIII is considered good, right?


Dragon Quest VIII is amazing. Played it in the PS2 back in the day.