Video Game Hype Thread


Looks like we gotta sit on our hands for Cyberpunk 2077 then huh.


If Hotline Miami didn’t make me too uncomfortable to support Devolver I’m not sure what would.


He said during the press conference you can play the game entirely solo.


If you can play it solo, then why make it online only?
I’m getting EA SimCity vibes from this new Fallout game. I expect it would only be a matter of time before someone hacks it to make it offline.


When they said solo, they meant you can go online and play without forming a team of friends. You are still playing on a server where the only other people are real people.


Is there anything that suggests you can’t set privacy parameters? There may be and I haven’t seen them, but currently I can’t say one way or the other.


Good question, but that’s how The Division worked.


Yep. Online, with drop-in-drop-out co-op anywhere in the world, plus optional PVP and PVE group play. To be honest, I was actually kind of stunned at how well it worked in Division - they fucked up a lot of things in that game, but the always online multiplayer stuff was seamless and well built. Well, technically well built, the darkzone was a great idea poorly executed and full of heavily-armed murderhobos in fuzzy bobblehats, raids were not that good, and they kept ignoring any extension of the cliffhanger story end to just cram in more mostly unwanted PVP modes in a PVE-focused game.

I still remember fondly when the game was not long out, and Nelson took me on a walking(and shooting) tour of mini-new york, it was quite lovely.

Also, Yakuza 0 is $20 USD, that’s pretty bloody good.

(Edit - well, $17.99 but fuck it close enough. Uh, I also kinda already bought it.)


8-player Killer Queen Black on Switch. This will be happening.


I’m really worried about the Switch multiplayer. Almost every time I’ve tried to have multiple switches involved in any game, the failure rate is too high to actually play…


I’ve not yet tried to do any mutliple-Switch local gaming. Nintendo local wireless being wonky sounds quite plausible, though.

Killer Queen Black is gonna be 8 joycons on one Switch, on my 60" TV, so I think I’ll be just fine.

I also haven’t had any issues with Nintendo online multiplayer in a long time. I recall a recent episode (Just Shaped & Beats?) where you guys railed against Nintendo’s online play. In most cases, it just works. The last time I had horrid issues was when Smash 4 came out. Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 worked flawlessly on Wii U. Splatoon 2 has given me zero trouble on Switch, and I played a little Just Shaped & Beats with rando matchmaking last night, and it worked just fine. The only other time I’ve played a Switch game online was during an Arms demo weekend, and that also worked perfectly well.


This has been our experience, as well.


I was going to say it worked for me also, but I played S&B on PC.


I picked up all of them I could when I went home a few months ago (0, Kiwami 1, and 5), and they’re stupid fun. I’m waiting for Yakuza 6 to come down in price a bit before I buy it. I’d’ve bought the Japanese only games on PSN already, especially the Sakamoto Ryoma spinoff, but I can’t for the life of me understand angry yakuza Japanese, which is a lot of the dialogue.


Not to pull a Scott, but it’s always worked fine for me.


Watching an interview I’m seeing where you’re right about this, but on the flipside he also mentioned that eventually they will have private servers for it. Regardless, if you’re not playing online, from what I’ve heard this still doesn’t sound like a Fallout single-player game, or at least it wouldn’t be the type of experience people would want out of a single player game. I imagine if they did indeed make it completely solo it would be a pretty lukewarm experience. But it depends what you come to [the Bethesda] Fallout games for.



This is kind of related, and with E3 just behind us, I was curious about something:

If you could pick one game to either get a sequel, a remake, etc., what would it be?

I’m kind of torn between a modern remade version of Vagrant Story, a proper Homeworld 3, and what I call a LMORPG, a limited multiplayer online roleplaying game. Instead of something like Destiny or an actual MMORPG like WoW or Final Fantasy, what I want is basically multiplayer Mass Effect. Ostensibly, a single-player RPG that I can play with my friends.

I don’t want every character I encounter to be another human and I don’t want to play an online MMORPG where I’m on some level treadmill where the story doesn’t progress and decisions have no consequences, I want a distinct multiplayer experience that has a finite ending that I can play with my friends, kind of like Divinity Original Sin, but maybe a bit more story-focused.


The video game industry has already given us remakes of everything. Everything you could want, they have made more of. The only thing that they have slept on is…



To use your own (hopefully) tongue-in-cheek logic, couldn’t you say that there have been tons of remakes or at least spiritual successors to Advance Wars?

Isn’t Fire Emblem basically just Advance Wars but fantasy themed? Isn’t X-Com basically just a more robust and in-depth Advance Wars? Isn’t BattleTech? Into the Breach? I’m sure I could think of more examples. Basically any tactical or SRPG is a more advanced Advance Wars.