Video Game Hype Thread


But Cyberpunk 2077 though? It is my favorite Gritty 80’s Betamax Vaporwave future aesthetic. I’d play it for that alone.


Yeah I’m super hype for Cyberpunk 2077.


I was a bit turned off by the main character in the trailer, but then I found out you have a customization character, which put me right in front of the Hype train.


I was thinking the same thing, the guy in the trailer has a badass jacket and car, but that it’s nother random white dude is, like, c’mon. But I also figured that the game would just have to have a pretty comprehensive character customization (since it’s not bound to some IP like The Witcher) so I wasn’t worried too heavily.


You may now commence with the GameStop prank calls.


Not sure if this has already been discussed.

“Howard described the game as an online, multiplayer survival adventure that allows for solo as well as four-player, cooperative gameplay. Every other character that you encounter in-game will be another human player, with dozens of them existing together in the same instance of the game. Howard said fans can expect a seamless online experience, where players will be able to join with their friends wherever and whenever they want. To support that goal, the game will run on Bethesda’s own dedicated servers.”


My reaction to the Tod Howard portion of E3.


I’ll be in my bunk.


I found out about Metal Wolf Chaos after I discovered Souls and Bloodborne and was sort of blown away that From Software had made something that goofy and over the top after only knowing the dark and dreary Soulsborne worlds


As cool as the theme of Metal Wolf Chaos is, it’s not a good game. Frankly, it’s garbage. If I were them i would make a movie instead. I would see that shit opening night in the 3D IMAX. At the very least, make a different genre of game. Visual novel maybe?


Like is it bad as in playing it is difficult/buggy? Maybe they did some work in the remaster to make it better?


Bad as in its a genero boring 3rd person walk around and shoot crap game.


Oh but I think that’s kind of in keeping with the ridiculous concept and plot


Maybe, but that doesn’t make it worth my time or money.


The only selling point of Metal Wolf Chaos is its over-the-top acting and wacky plot.
Just watch the cutscenes on YouTube. It’s not worth playing.


Also, don’t give Devolver money while they publish games like this:


New Trials game announced and its coming to the Switch. I’m very happy about this.


Omegathons have been hit or miss the last few years, but the Trials Omegathon Finale was some peak PAX.


New Smash looks pretty fucking awesome.


I think you misunderstood the purpose of my post.

I think it’s TERRIBLE that the new Fallout is entirely online. I don’t want “every other character that you encounter in-game will be another human player.” I want a single player RPG that I can play offline and that doesn’t involve other people unless I want it to.