Video Game Hype Thread


Looks like 2018 is the year for Tetris.

Inline is available on Steam now.

And Tetris Effect is coming to the PS4 in the Fall.


The only Tetris I need


Let’s be real dx Tetris and Tetris DS are still the best.


Having never really gotten into Diablo proper I’m always on the look out for Diablo-likes. Inquisitor: Martyr is out, did anyone have any strong feelings about it?

Asking because Co-Op.


If you never got into Diablo Proper, why not just play some Diablo III? It will not be hard to find someone to click on bad guys. I might even be convinced to click satan to death again. Fuck that guy.


Because it’s too much “Generic Fantasy: the Button Clicking game” the last Diablo-like I got into was a Samurai-themed game.


That’s actually a great point. Most of the sci-fi ones tend to be Robotron style. I’ve never seen a cyberpunk or sci-fi theme one where you click. Possibly because medieval fantasy tends to have melee weapons instead of guns, but they also have the mages and archers with ranged attacks. Torchlight also has guns. I bet a game developer who makes a straight up Diablo clone with space marines could rake in some cash.


Hence my original question:

From the gameplay video’s I’ve seen it looks fairly well put together. Granted it’s 40K, but I like them in small doses.


Is that a Diablo like game? I thought it was more of a Secret of Mana style action RPG.


I just youtubed 5 minutes of combat gameplay from Secrets and D3. Secrets of Mana looks really simplfied like Zelda 4-Swords. Martyr seems to look a lot more like Diablo 3, it has that mini-action bar plus the whole taking out mobs in the most bloody/explosive way possible.


But are you clicking repeatedly or just holding down the button and robotron-ing?


A bit of both it looks like.

You can equip your big sword and do different kinds of attacks like a 360-spin versus a jump and slam into the ground. Then you can use things like Lasguns and Flamers and go all SmashTV frying the chaos hordes of nurglings.

The assassin has a dodge mechanic in addition to just having a giant sniper rifle, which has a “Click on thing, thing dies”

There’s also a Psyker who’s more or less a wizard, but instead of running out of mana, Warp Daemons start popping up.


I could be convinced when it’s cheaper.


I played that through once. It ended too soon story wise. Man… I might play that again for all of $3.50.


That was the game. I played the Ruroni Kenshin soundtracks while playing it. Fun, but very short and it really wanted to encourage online multiplayer in an age were Broadband was less prolific than it is now.


I think it had a bunch of neat mechanics that would absolutely not get put in by a lot of modern studios.


I’m just sad more people didn’t pick up Space Hulk: Deathwing, because that game was mad fun to play with friends.


I wish the rumors of Diablo III on the switch would’ve been true, I would buy that easily.