Video Game Hype Thread

How far did you get?

I’m playing Picnic Panic now while working on the extra Baba levels.

I got to some demon boss, but didn’t beat him.

There’s a cool twist roughly halfway through that you haven’t gotten to yet.

I did encounter a twist. This is the boss I stopped at:

I’m trying to remember when that happens. After the 16-bit transition, clearly. Is it still linear or is it metroidvania?

It’s been many months. I forget.

If you liked delivering messages, you’re going to like going to picnics.

So essentially Vaporwave Bravery Network Online.

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IT’S LEGIT. Pre-order!


My cup overfloweth.

Our “Egregiously Unrealized Potential” panel was an Oracle.

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I just hopped on to be like, DOES SCOTT KNOW! Honestly just incredibly super hype news.

If you had a dollar for every time someone read something on the Internet that I cared about before I did, they would maybe be able to buy a few breakfast sandwiches by doing it while I’m on vacation.

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That game has some styyyyle

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DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM III all surprise appeared on the Switch today.

Ok, so who really wants to play these games on the Switch? Doom runs on everything. What’s the point.

That’s what I thought until I saw that they added local co-op and multiplayer.


I wonder if it still uses Port 666…

I hate playing FPSs on controllers.

But with Doom… multiplayer… everyone in the same room having the same busted-ass controls…

That could be good.


My feelings exactly.