Video Game Hype Thread

I think that’s maybe the biggest fall, but I think the downturn happened with Underground 2, where it took a hard pull away from being a Tony Hawk skating game, and turned into a Bam Margera and his crap fake prank show Featuring Tony Hawk and some skateboarding game.

Eh, the series always had a juvenile sense of humor, with frequent references to scatological humor (wet fart sounds in toilets, having to skate over literal bullshit in one level, etc.), sex (having a porn actress as a secret character, one level where you have to impress skimpily dressed women as an objective), general mischief (e.g. destroying satellite dishes in the Suburbia level), and making fun of people injuring themselves. While I do think the focus on Margera was a bit unwarranted, it wasn’t really out of character for the series.

Though perhaps I felt that impact less so because I did skip the first Tony Hawk’s Underground. I don’t really remember a reason for it, just didn’t play it, but that means I had a break in between games before returning to a series I liked.

In any case, THAW was the first time I was really disappointed in the series as Neversoft made it seem like the new game would feature an open world that was becoming popular thanks to GTA and similar titles, which seemed like a fantastic idea, just to use these loading coridors. When Skate actually realized this concept a couple years later, I think it was the death knell for the series, though of course there was also a big gap in between how the games played. Too bad though that EA is a fucking stupid company and killed the Skate series on their own.

This morning I found out that there is a completed documentary on the series, a fact that had completely passed me by. That documentary has premiered at some film festivals and only a couple of days ago found a distributor, so it isn’t “out” yet but it is finished from what I can tell.

Another thing that I didn’t know about was a fan mod project that is attempting to put every level from the series into the PC version of Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. It’s called THUG Pro

Well, yeah, that’s really the two contrasting games. THUG1 was true to the series, with that juvenile humor, the style, so on, even though it was going in a new direction by having a story and progression. THUG2 is when it jumped in a different direction, and being built more to capitalize on Bam Margera’s rising MTV star, and like his shows, it was just over-scripted, focus-tested-to-death, feeding on it’s own mythos, fake edgelord reality show shit. That’s exactly what I mean - it felt more like a reality show TC mod of a tony hawk game shat out by an MTV marketing team, than a Tony Hawk game.

THPS 1-4 are all I really care about. 1+2 as a remaster is a great idea, but I’m hoping there’s a few nods from 3+4 in characters if not a full levels or features even if as bonus.

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Goldfinger’s been playing quarantine songs:

I don’t know if this is exactly hype, but the Amazon game Crucible comes out tomorrow F2P on Steam. I’m gonna try it at least. I have the $0 and the time. Might end up being an situation where I install, play, delete, but whatev.

I’m also going to play it to see how it is. It’s been a long time coming, I remember playing a super early prototype when I was on the engine team like 4 years ago, so I’d like to see the finished product.

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It seems like they have a mode where you form 2p teams, so message me.

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I played a few games this morning. It’s pretty fun! I think I’d prefer to play with friends with voice chat in the future though.

In both games I played the default marine guy, but wasn’t very impressed by his accuracy. Also in both games, the players with the highest kills were both the floating robot character, who seems to be able to throw unlimited splash-damage grenades from above. Seems a bit overpowered, but I’d have to play more than two games to see.

Pac-Man Live Studio. Yes please.

A very funny reply to Rym’s tweet about Crucible:

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Yo that’s my dad.

What’d Rym say? I can’t see it too easily as he has me blocked on twitter.

Talking about crucible the game, got a reply about Crucible the book. I think.

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Saw that yesterday. I’ve see companies add and remove DRM and other controversial things before, but this is the fastest turnaround time I can remember.

I wonder if the massive review bombs on Steam and the apparently not-small number of refunds were a factor.

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