UK Political Clusterfuck 2017

Really depressed by this leadership contest. It’s a total farce with the crazies taking the reins. I think our best chance is Rory Stewart but I still don’t know that much about him. I’m not saying that conservative values are the right ones to have but at least he seems to have them, unlike the rest.

We don’t get a say though. Even if I joined the Conservative party and gave them money it’d still just be the last two to vote on. When Corbyn was vying for Labour leader there were conservatives joining the party to vote for him because they thought he’d be so bad it’d actually further the conservative cause. So naturally this trick won’t work a second time.

Brexit and the parties that support it will collapse under the weight of their own contradictions.

We can only hope.


And now he’s to be Prime Minister tomorrow.

Here’s my bad photoshop bad joke about all this.

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EDIT: Here’s the guy who wrote that thread. He has a lot more to say about Jared on his account.


Technically, this was David Cameron.

The background here should be ash and debris.

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And then what? They’re spinning it as a clean break but then when we actually start to talk with the EU after they’ll be asking “where’s that money?” and we’ll be back to square one. The US house (for those that forgot is run by the democrats) has even said, no deal with them that damages the Good Friday Agreement in Ireland which is no different than confronting the backstop at the moment.


LOL, Escape that Brexit.

The citizenship official said “you’re now Brexit-Safe… and I have 150 more people to swear in!”


What in the fuck?!

Ahaha… hello global recession!