UK Political Clusterfuck 2017

While results aren’t in, and it hasn’t all shaken out just yet, looking at the current figures, there’s only one thing to say: Jesus christ, what a fucking bloodbath.


Anything we should know about the Liberal Democrats Party? I’ve only heard of Conservative & Labor & the Fringe Groups.

They’re like the neutral people from Futurama.


They seem to lend a helping hand to the conservatives the majority of the time while sounding forever like they disagree with them.

ie. the Owl party from CGP Grey’s explanation of FPTP

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They benefit from being the main party that says they are against Brexit and are intending to stop it. No quibble or internal disagreements on that front.

They formed a coalition with the conservatives in 2010 and got a lot of their policies into law, good ones like gay marriage. But while in government they compromised on a key policy on student fees which lead to them tripling and that was what was mainly remembered by the public.

Last election was dominated by this and their leader’s view on homosexuality which could be summarised as “it is wrong but I have always supported it, check my voting history, but my faith still says it is wrong. But maybe it’s not and look at my voting records.” I thought it was good enough to be Liberal first and Christian second but it was turned off voters.

Here we go again

This is the UK.

This is what the headline said earlier:

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Buh-bye, evil lady!

EDIT: She’ll be gone in two weeks.

Really depressed by this leadership contest. It’s a total farce with the crazies taking the reins. I think our best chance is Rory Stewart but I still don’t know that much about him. I’m not saying that conservative values are the right ones to have but at least he seems to have them, unlike the rest.

We don’t get a say though. Even if I joined the Conservative party and gave them money it’d still just be the last two to vote on. When Corbyn was vying for Labour leader there were conservatives joining the party to vote for him because they thought he’d be so bad it’d actually further the conservative cause. So naturally this trick won’t work a second time.

Brexit and the parties that support it will collapse under the weight of their own contradictions.

We can only hope.