Uber Controversies


I reported a guy last week who wouldn’t pick us up unless we told him where we were going.


The NYC taxi system is one of the big things I’m jealous of. There are taxis in boston, but unless you’re near a major transit hub (South/North Station, Back Bay, Logan, or an inside-128 commuter rail station) you’re not finding one without calling a number or using an app.


One of the two times I’ve ever used an Uber was in Boston. I hated that I had to do it, but I had no other options. I felt dirty the whole ride.


The T’s got a huge amount of expansion going on within the next few years, but it’s almost all on the periphery (Cambridge, Sommerville, etc.). Getting the rights to run track through the core city is a fucking nightmare.


Fun fact: Uber at large is completely illegal in Italy.


I’m not going to go searching through the forums since I’m not sure if it’s on this forum or the old forum, but I remember calling out Uber’s garbo background checks a while ago and on more than one occasion, because it was going to be a huge problem with passenger saftey.


TBF, I don’t think anyone was particularly rushing to disagree with you.


I don’t recall specifically, but I’m pretty sure you’re right. But I don’t really get that much opportunity to gloat, so I’m taking it.


I remember you doing this.