Uber Controversies



Uber released their new Pool Express service and journalists are roasting it.

Also, I love this quote:

"I want to run the bus systems for a city," [Uber CEO Dara] Khosrowshahi said.


That’s funny, Uber whose motto might as well be “None of the rules apply to me”, wants to run a bus system for a city. The process to apply to run the bus system would break them.


I’m still surprised Uber and its ilk are still able to function and haven’t been shot down by local regulating boards.


What’s that tweet that’s something like “Every other week, some tech bro re-invents the city bus”?


It seems to be mostly a Silicon Valley tech bro thing too for some reason. I don’t know why you don’t see it with tech bros from other regions…

Or is the tech “bro” just a Silicon Valley thing and other regions have the more traditional tech “geeks” that don’t think the same way.



Well, in some places, they have.


Imagine you have $103957820395135 in other people’s money (VC). Any time you get shut down by some locality just move on and do it somewhere else. Or fight back, or whatever it is you do. Point is you have tonnes of money and you can just use it to keep doing what you’re doing.


I think it might be because Mass Transit in California isn’t that widespread.


Well, it’s not just Uber. It’s stuff like Juicero and Bodega as well.


It’s basically “Nerds inventing ways to never deal with poor people again”.



Yes, because buses and subways so rarely go exactly where we want to be, and cars are faster than walking.


In properly dense cities, subways and busses to everywhere most people need to go most days. :wink:


Except not the in the US. NYC is the only thing that’s even remotely close and it misses the mark by a mile. Look a Brussels transit map, that’s what you need.


Or pretty much any major city in Japan.





I’m no Uber apologist, but not so fast…

“The MIT study’s lead author, Stephen Zoepf, told Reuters in an email on Saturday,“I can see how the question on revenue might have been interpreted differently by respondents” and called Hall’s rebuttal thoughtful. “I’m re-running the analysis this weekend using Uber’s more optimistic assumptions and should have new results and a public response acknowledging the discrepancy by Monday,” he wrote.”