Uber Controversies




Uber has found a new CEO–the guy who runs Expedia.



In case it wasn’t already obvious enough.




New evidence has come out, revealing that Uber Execs covered up and destroyed evidence in self-driving corporate espionage case.






It’s been revealed that Uber was hacked, with 57 million accounts compromised. Not now, though - from a year ago. Why didn’t we hear about it? Because they paid the hackers $100K+ to delete the data, and to not tell anyone. Uber, predictably, did not reveal this to customers or investors.


I’ve heard that many, many, many large companies pay off hackers to not release data from breaches all the time. It’s a common practice by both hackers and the companies, and beneficial to both sides after a successful hack. The company saves face, the hackers are free to go about their efforts against other companies without attention or their methods becoming public. Everyone wins. Even the customers whose data isn’t released publicly!

Uber is a bullshit excuse for a company, but in this way no more bullshit than average.


Apparently they’re being forced to stop operating in Israel just a month after starting.


Uber has been sued for keeping their data breach a secret. Washington, New York, Missouri, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Illinois are all involved in the suit.