Uber Controversies



Uber Executive in charge of business in Asia Pacific fired, for illegally obtaining the medical records of a rape victim who was assaulted by her uber driver. He’s been holding on to these records for over a year, and showed them to many other top-level uber execs.



Listen to the audio from Uber’s board meeting.


They finally did something nice for once.


Well I do strongly object to tipping but I’d rather they just get paid more and not have to rely on tips to make a living.


Kalanick resigns.


Amount of trust I have that uber doesn’t also take a cut of the tips (that they have to process): 0%


Uber is merging with Yandex

Well… That’s an interesting choice. You’d think a car company would make more sense.


Hey Trump said to be friends with Russia. Makes total sense.


Contains choice quotes such as:

As one former employee said, explaining why he joined the company, it seemed like a “libertarian playground where the best would rise to the top.” But, he said, “I quickly realized that environment also means work becomes a blood sport.”

I fucking shudder at this company.


It was amusing to read that because there were a lot of spots where it reminded me of what I’ve heard of Amazon. And then they compared it to Amazon.


How would they compare it to Amazon?


“There are clear parallels between Uber and Amazon, a company that’s also notorious for its cutthroat, high-octane work environment. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is an Uber investor. Uber’s chief product officer Jeff Holden, who joined the company in 2014, is a nine-year Amazon veteran. Uber’s 14-point value system is said to have been derived from Amazon’s, though Amazon’s — which includes “insist on the highest standards” and “have backbone; disagree and commit” — is slightly more subtle.”




The Journal cited internal emails and documents showing Uber’s Singapore unit bought more than 1,000 Vezel sport-utility vehicles that maker Honda Motor Co Ltd (7267.T) had recalled due to an electrical fault.
It reported the Singapore management was aware of the recall, and that the cars Uber had bought and rented out had not been repaired. The Journal also said management pressed the car dealer for repairs whilst renting out the vehicles.


Ironically, in reddit’s eyes this is the worst thing Uber’s ever done.


That’s interesting. Why so?

Also, per headline:


Because hiring women is sexism, duh.

I should clarify: reddit is mad because they tried to hire a woman, not because they failed. Which is ironic because this is one of the few times I’ve seen a news article about Uber and thought they made an honest effort to do something good (even if I’m dubious about their motives).

EDIT: some highlights

I, and any CEO, shouldn’t give a shit about the women, it’s about the business.

its the “I have a black friend” of corporate America.

EDIT: and we have a winner!

Am I evil for saying that I don’t care about women? You realize that is a statement of specifically women. I care about people, I care that people are happy and productive and realize their full potential. Namely, I’m a selfish sort, I care about them because their well being is my well being.


Well, that makes more sense. Reddit, as a whole, fucking hates women, with the exception of porn stars. Provided they’re either only in movies, or just silent eye-candy.

The second one is particularly ironic, considering there’s a whole subreddit that started because of reddit’s habit of white dudes popping up and going “Well, as a black man, (Incredibly racist thing is not just okay, but good), and (acknowledgement and confirmation for another of reddit’s racist opinions).” Reddit literally went so hard for the “I have a black friend” thing that there’s an extremely active subreddit dedicated to it.