This is Google


Hey, you wanna demonetize a YouTube video quickly and easily?
Leave a negative comment.
Yep, that’s all it takes now.



At this point YouTube should just remove comments entirely.



That’s fine. That’s how it should work.

The ONLY person paying for monetized videos is the person buying the ads. They (rightly) have all the power. They don’t want their ad appearing next to youtube shitlords, child porn, weird conspiracy videos, or potentially the word “grapefruit.”

The people making the videos get no say, nor should they.



Nobody is gonna like this, but YouTube, and also Twitch, should never have setup systems to pay creators. You have any idea how much it costs to host and distribute online video? Try buying some hosting on AWS or Linode and see how much it costs to host your own little YouTube just for your own videos. The ads or whatever else they do is paying for the hosting so that you can upload videos to YouTube without having to pay. Otherwise it would be a LOT of money to make your own YouTube channel. Look at what podcast hosting services like Linode charge just for audio, and that’s cheap.

If they had gone this route, then people who want to make money on YouTube would have to do it with their own direct deals. No more worrying about channels being demonetized, because that only makes Google lose money, not the creator.

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Not a negative comment an inappropriate comment. If some shitlord is posting their slur-laden diatribe on your video about cats then yeah PetSmart isn’t going to want to advertise on your video. This is why when I start publishing my writing (soon!) I will not interact directly with readers nor allow them to interact with each other in spaces I control. I don’t want the hassle professionally and commercially or the headaches personally.



If you think about it, comment sections on anything are completely insane.

You put time in and create something which you publish on a page. You then give free reign to everyone else on earth to also publish absolutely anything on the same exact page directly below your work. Insanity.

Creating a separate place for discussion like a forum or a chat or Twitter, or Reddit, makes perfect sense. Those are separate places where a community can gather, link to content, and discuss it. But to publish random comments directly on the same page next to the content itself is completely stupid and only exists because it’s become an unquestioned expectation.

Newspapers choose which letters to the editor to publish. Imagine if every letter to the editor magically appeared in your newspaper as you were reading it. It would be one thing if comments were by default blacklisted and the publisher would whitelist specific good comments. But to by default allow comments to appear without review and to have to manually remove the really bad ones is nuts.

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On this tangent, this is why I think you should specifically stay out of moderating a subreddit or whatever about your own content. Let the fans do their fan things in their fan places. If you must have some kind of official forums, you better be big enough to have actual CMs or have the free time to handle the moderation thoroughly. Youtube suffers because you get the worst of both problems. If you allow comments, you or someone you proxy has to moderate them, and most of these channels don’t do that. But also it’s not even community self managed and separate from your work like some unofficial forum or subreddit would be.

I used to moderate one of the easiest to moderate things ever, a play-by-post forum. What was great about that was for the most part everyone keeps to “their own” game threads. Generally people don’t get into a fight about whether or not someone elses games content is appropriate. There were a couple questionable situations, and I recall reading some games I wasn’t participating in and knowing that’s not for me, but it was relatively “let each to their own”.

Considering that situation, perhaps some kind of fork for youtube comments where you can only see comments by people you know… or something similar.



It doesn’t help that YouTube comments specifically are very hard to moderate. Anyone with a Google account can just post there. The tools aren’t great. If your video is popular, you need a full time staff to moderate the sheer quantity of comments. Meaningful discussion can’t happen there.

The only valuable comments I see on YouTube are the ones that add something to the video. For example the ones on AGDQ videos that tell you at what time the speedrun starts so you can skip the intro. The ones on cooking videos that contain the actual recipe, or have converted the recipe’s measurements from volume to weight. Also on KPop videos letting you know extra information like the names of the group members or other interesting facts.

Basically instead of comments YouTube should really only have user-submitted liner notes.



I don’t not like this. In fact I love it. Only question I have about it is I remember when making money on youtube first became a thing people could do. If I recall correctly they did it for selfish reasons, not out of the goodness of their hearts. They wanted to incentivize people to watch their platform and drive the cost of their adbuys up and increase the size of their market. They needed a reason for people to watch stuff there. They figured paying the people doing the making of the stuff was the way to go.

Would youtube style online content have gotten as popular as it is today? Is that ok as the price of them never having made youtube ad money available to regular folks?



Our youtube channel actually does make money. Not a ton, but more than you’d expect.

The people who buy ads are trying to target a particular demographic, and GeekNights is one of a shockingly few sources of content for that demographic.

It’s really fascinating to see what people search for when they find our channels.



I discovered Geeknights after watching some other random non Geeknights panel years ago. “Game Mechanics and Mechanism Design” happened to be a recommended video that appeared at the end.

I clicked on it out of pure curiosity.

Maybe the algorithm works.




I want to know more.



I’ve noticed that a few companies post their videos to YouTube with comments disabled, but these are typically adverts themselves, and so they can, of course, decided what is associated with their products. Like Apple, who can reliably find an army of trolls to attack and spew bile about them, have no reason to roll that dice.



If I reached any level of popularity such that it became a problem, I would disable comments everywhere.



I’m kind of surprised most people who watch your videos aren’t running adblock.

Our youtube channel actually does make money. Not a ton, but more than you’d expect…



Even some of our close friends mystifyingly ignore our strong recommendation to block all ads everywhere always.

Also, on YouTube, we get views from people who just stumble upon our videos. Some of them of course, may not block all ads everywhere always. There are also people like me who pay for YouTube Red/Premium and that can make us money even though no ads have played.

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It’s all Youtube Red/Premium revenue. For every dollar I get from ads, I get 3 for that.

We get 20-30k views a month on average.



Can it be condensed into a sentence?



I don’t run adblock on my firetv, which is pretty much just for crunchyroll, game of thrones, and queuing up youtube and just letting it run in the background.



For fuck’s sake, YouTube!

Give. Them. The. Choice. Don’t force it on them.