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I’ve got my whole live organized in Google Inbox. I just went to look at GMail, and it is such trash. How can I go back to that? WTF am I supposed to do? Do I have to go make my own email client using the GMail API that resembles Inbox as much as possible? And then write an iOS app also?

This is the worst thing since they canned Google Reader.


I’m pretty fukkin pissed myself, especially because it’s a big part of my CTCon workflow, Work workflow, AND personal workflow. I’d really prefer it if just like, instead, Sirgy Brin showed up to my house every morning and kicked me in the beanbag. It’d be less obnoxious.


Tear that bandaid off I guess. I’m deleting it today. Same as I did with reader.


Nah. I’m gonna get my pitchfork and try to save it. Write an angry letter and make an Internet petition!


Heh, good luck with that, if it works I’ll be grateful.


The GMail API is… not good. At least the Python client. It’s written for python 2, the docs describe function parameters that don’t exist in the actual code, it’s hard to debug, just rough all around.


This is really a disaster.


Having used the gmail app for the first time now. Eew, this is gonna be one crappy readjustment.


The GMail app is bad, but the web version is AWFUL. Google Inbox is actually an app with modern sensibilities. GMail hasn’t grown up at all. It’s like I’m being forced to downgrade back to software from 10 years ago. Like imagine if Nintendo told everyone sorry, no more Breath of the Wild. Everyone is getting sent back to Ocarina of Time.


That would be bad? I think, I’ve never played either game. Only Zelda I’ve ever played was made by Capcom.


I’ve seen various iterations of people claiming Microsoft incentives their programmers to build new features, not maintain and update old ones. Probably the same at a lot of tech companies. Kinda sucks that they will willing churn through perfectly working applications.


Why use the API? Why not just get your mail via IMAP?


Sure, ok, IMAP. What IMAP client does the magic that Google Inbox does?


To interact with gmail programmatically.
For example, scheduling an email to be sent at a later time.


Beats me, but I’m apparently weird in that I preferred classic GMail to Inbox anyway, so I’m not exactly an expert on what to look for.

This. Just use IMAP as the “API” and write/extend your own client to do what you want.

For example, Microsoft Outlook can be used as an IMAP client and (at least when connecting to Exchange – I’m not sure about IMAP) does allow you to schedule email to be sent later.

Thunderbird still exists, so I guess there’s no technical reason why it can’t be extended to do what you want and it saves you the effort of writing something from scratch.


This is crazy talk. Who is seriously going to do that.


I’ve used the standard Gmail browser app for over a decade and it’s fine? What’s the big deal?


Like imagine if Nintendo told everyone sorry, no more Breath of the Wild. Everyone is getting sent back to Ocarina of Time.

I can almost see your plight, though I’ve been using the GMail Browser app for a time and think you are overly dramatic here. But jeez that comparison might be the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said. There is a bit of a difference between an application to manage your emails and a piece of art.


You don’t know how awful itiis because you haven’t experienced something better.

My Model T has always worked and gotten me from point A to point B! I’ve never driven a modern car, but I don’t see what the big deal is.


He’s exaggerating, but not by nearly as much as you’d think.