This is Google


I would say no for all of these. I was thinking split the big G into Google, Youtube, Adwords, Gmail, Android, etc. All their own company. Alphabet already did most of the work! Would it make a difference though?


No need to worry, I think they got that from context, since pretty much everyone has noticed that there’s a handful of topics that summon you like clockwork. Among other things about you.

Also, your smears are getting more extravagant, I like it, keep it up. I can always forgive fiction, but I can’t forgive boring fiction. The imperialist settler colony part is especially good, I love the ironic twist of hearing that from Americans.



I was trying to figure out who you were talking about, thought he was Daikun for a moment, then I remebered Daikun the gamergoater’s name and I’m back to popcorn.


I don’t know what’s going on but the beef is real.


It’s pretty simple to explain, really.

I was fighting with Muppet(I miss that guy, almost) about Sanders and his chances in the primaries. Gomez pops up, he joins in a bit, and tells Mups not to pay attention to me, because I’m a Foreigner. I point out that’s Xenophobic.

I’m posting something else later, and a chap has a Spanish name, so I make an offhand joke at Gomez about how he doesn’t need to worry about dismissing this guy, despite the foreign-sounding name, he’s American. (Admittedly, assuming Gomez was white rather than asian because I’ve honestly never met a Xenophobic PoC before), which Gomez has now decided is proof positive that I’m the biggest racist ever to walk the earth.

Above, I’m referencing how Gomez pops up basically any time you mention Chapo Trap House(who he’s a big fan of), Bernie(ditto), or a current Leftist fave rave negatively, and is largely silent otherwise, and this has pretty much always been the case, and he’s barely made a dozen posts about anything else since he joined the old forum.

And the rest is mostly just yelling at each other until we got sick of it. Admittedly, I got sick of it first - If I hadn’t, I would have bought up a bunch of stuff that’s happened recently with Chapo(like, the racist jokes about the MOVE bombings, the racist jokes about starving black children that heavily implied black people were bad parents, the accusations that Disabled people shouldn’t be in the DSA and are all cops and shouldn’t be trusted, attacking prominent people with medical/mental health issues, going after a prominent black DSA member for not calling out racist behavior politely enough, the time some Chapo turds tried to SWAT me unsuccessfully and specifically referenced this forum and Gomez’s posts, etc, etc), or things like Bernie busting in on a woman’s speech with a police escort, making a big noise, and swanning out again, or his…less than positively received comments about Obama that included a variation of the old “He’s very articulate” dogwhistle - but honestly, I didn’t want to draw him out from under his bridge because I was sick of wasting time on him, and didn’t want to needlessly cause a drama just to grumble. I can grumble privately. Bougie New York dickheads and their cosplay socialism/progressiveness is not an urgent issue for all of you here, in public, nor is a failed presidential candidate fading back into irrelevancy showing his true colours.

Congrats, now you’re up to date.

Celebrity Deaths

If we have both beef and salt in one place, can I bring a deli slicer and spices to make a forum flame beef jerkey?


Someone get Whaleshark on the blower, he probably has some valuable advice on the issue.


Pete seems like the guy to pull this off at level 10.


There are a lot of ways to do it. I like hyperlink tags full of swears applied to empty strings.







Fuck that. I just pay for Red for now. As for the amount I watch Yute-oob weekly, which comes to around 40-60 hours/week, not having to mess with ads or anything ever is very welcome. (Keep in mind about half of my viewing is on my mobile device to bypass work filters, and much of that is minimized audio-only, so miss me with that “just use free adblock” bullshit)

But if they start throwing unskippable ads into even premium subscriber feeds down the road, I’m gonna be mighty pissed.


LOL. This is untrue and comes from a place of pretty extreme privilege. I would love a real HTPC, but we can’t afford to replace/upgrade Adam’s desktop or my laptop, let alone build/purchase a dedicated HTPC. I bought my TV on a huge Black Friday sale 4 or 5 years ago. I bought a combo sound bar and surround sound system on another huge Black Friday sale a year later. We were gifted the PS4, which we use as our primary entertainment device. I now own a house, am mid-renovation on that house (which is being partially funded by a family loan and partially funded by all of our savings and investments except for our retirement savings and our college fund for our child), we are down to one income as we now have a child and I am home with him for the time being (though I recently started applying for part time work as a family member has offered free part time child care), we just got to the point of being able to advertise for a renter, but getting a decent renter may take time, etc.

You mentioned giving us an old machine to use as an HTPC but that didn’t happen, which is totally fine, but we legit can’t afford an HTPC and probably won’t be able to for another 5 years or so.


You mentioned you have a laptop, so here’s a question: Do you have an HDMI cable?

If not, they can run as cheap as $3 at Wal-Mart (maybe a bit more expensive at another store, but the point is that they’re cheap). Just connect your laptop and TV with that cable, and you have a solid HTPC.


I use my laptop at times, but it is limited and old. It is does not function as a dedicated HTPC.


Any laptop can work as an HTPC as long as it has an HDMI jack. Does yours have one?


As I said, I do use it on occasion, but it has issues. It interfaces with the TV poorly, borks up, overheats, etc. It is an old laptop.