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The DMCA was a terrible mistake in a lot of ways, but it scratched congress’s itch of doing something and staved off all the other CBDTPA type nonsense that could have happened instead. And now congress is paralyzed and can take no further action. :wink:

Seems google is starting a chip fab

This is good, but also bad. It’s bad to have so few companies making chips that the world depends on. It’s bad that the same companies now making chips are companies that already have monopolies in other areas. We need more companies period.


Be sure not to confuse Google Currents with Google Current or Google Currents.

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Another one for the Google Graveyard. This time not an entire application, but a very important feature on YouTube.

If you didn’t know already, if you upload a YouTube video you can enable a setting to allow any YouTube user to voluntarily create closed captions and/or subtitles for that video if you have not created any yourself already. Then, with your approval, you can make those captions live for all to see. This is excellent because only large well-funded producers usually have the capacity to do it themselves.

This feature is obviously used heavily by people who have trouble hearing and nerds who are fans of content in foreign languages. I know the KPop people use it A LOT.

For Google to say the feature isn’t used enough is really ridiculous. In the cases of their other apps it makes sense. But in this case it’s like saying “Oh, the ramps in our town only got used a few times a day by wheelchair users, so we’re going to get rid of them.”

IANAL, but unlike other google graveyard situations, I think there might actually be room for a lawsuit on this one. I hope people fight.

Siiigh. This was excellent functionality. Fans even contributed subtitles to some of our panels with it!

Google will rely on automated translations in the future to cope with the volume of videos?

The automated ones are still way way bad.


They’re getting much better though. Also, it’s automated.

True that it is better than nothing, but not good enough to remove the user contributed captions feature.

I suppose it’s a good thing that I didn’t commit to transcribing more than one panel. I enjoyed the act of doing it, and if it were a job I got paid for, I could do something like that regularly, but it took a lot of time.

I hope they don’t scrap any transcriptions that are already done.

Thank you for the hard work.

All indications are that they will not. They will simply stop allowing user-contributed submissions.

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I have paid for a few more along the way. But honestly we can’t afford to pay for them for all our videos. It’s a LOT.

And you’re only considering English subtitles, which are great but only a piece of it. Getting subtitles in other languages is generally more expensive and more relied upon (by sheer numbers).

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I have talked to some translators. I wanted to get Spanish subtitles on a few of our panels. It’s expensive, and I am still working out doing it for a couple of our most popular ones.

It’s also difficult for us to verify that the subtitles are accurate. I’ll have to run them through a google translate in reverse to make sure they aren’t fake or obscene.