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Google should have given the developers reasons to care. Which is money. In hand, in advance. No one sane would be putting in the time, money and effort to make unique 8k textures on every spec of dust for sake of gamble like Stadia.

Google should have, four years ago, approached developers going “we are making this supercomputer gaming thing, make us a launch title for it that can’t be run on anything else. Here’s the money.”

As a strategy, you’re right. They really should have. An exclusive stadia game at launch would have been pretty awesome!

So sorry for being so active here for the time being but this has nothing to do with Stadia

Fuck the everliving fuck out of Google:

6 Days ago:


All the reason you could possibly need to avoid as many of googles products as you can possibly extricate from your life should be right there.

Workers need more rights not less. And firing a bunch of employees for organizing is so immoral the law fucking caught up with it and made it illegal.

Just to summarize what went down. Google’s been having some issues with their employees for some time now and so now they hired a firm that’s particularly good at preventing organizing and they analyzed the employee makeup and probably did some monitoring of chat logs or talked to some of the more bootlicking employees and determined who to fire for most impact against the effort least impact to the business.

They then concocted some bullshit reason to fire them, (this is about the same level as didn’t verify signature after every credit card transaction) and then did so using that bullshit reason.

Seems they’re now organizing a walkout.

This is tangentially related to Google following their COPPA screw up.

Google is under new management.

Someone does a let’s play of American McGee’s game.

American McGee does a let’s play of their own game.

American McGee gets copyright notifications from the other guy!

Genius has long suspected Google's search cards of copying its lyrics, starting with rapper Desiigner's song "Panda" in 2016 — whose hard-to-understand text matched Genius' character-by-character. [. . .] Genius claims that it has found more than 100 examples of Google using these exact versions of lyrics since 2017.

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YouTube explains all the COPPA biz for all confused people.

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Was just reading the Medium article he wrote. The bit about “teams should handle their own ethics/rights assessments internally” line from management was such a clear signal that they didn’t want any of it. Yeah, lets give some super hungry big 10 graduates who only took the 1 required ethics of tech course in their CompSci program the responsibility for making the decision about how and where to do business.

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Bullwinkle J. Moose announces “This time for sure!”, promises rabbit will be pulled from hat.

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Sometimes eat your dogfood can be taken too far.

What was the first slack clone? Did I miss it entirely?

It says in the article. I think a business-not-consumer version of Hangouts.

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