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Man, I think just by the time this came about everyone was drinking the cool-aid and taking their money and running if they did consultation services or a true-believer if they were an employee looking to have their stock options vest in a big way if they somehow became the Apple of home juicing.

For all we know that guy did speak up and like the webcomic meme got tossed out the proverbial window for his contrarian, commonsense idea of maybe not making the rolls-royce of juicers.

What about parents of kids? They’re options are spend $500 on a console, games, and a monthly sub to the console’s online service, or the monthly sub for stadia + games? That’s would be a pretty easy thing to decide.

Yeah, like there is a market, I just think its not really that big of a market. Also said parents might not have unlimited internet and thus see a uptick in their ISP costs and decide its not a price saving measure after all. Honestly though subscription AND Full price games seems like a dealbreaker for oh so many people who might have just tried it for the lulz if it was only a subscription service.

Google is positioned as a company to actually make this pretty technically doable if they just went with it as a growth/loss-leading play a la netflix streaming for gaming. However they don’t want to seem to do that which to me only increases doubts about this still being a service 5ish years down the road.

IIRC google did say there is a free tier of their service, but you can only stream at a max of 1080p and stereo sound, I am unsure what people are going to do with out 4k and dolby surround but maybe they’ll be able to get by.

This is like the “Good Idea, Bad Idea” bit from Animaniacs.

EDIT: Read the rest of the thread, the phrasing of the first tweet made it sound like it automatically snips the claimed content from the video which is not the case so actually, Good Idea, Good Idea.

Welp looks like I was right the first time around. Not only do they get to claim it they get to take total control of it.

Not only should there be no billionaires, I am now in favor of banning for-profit companies period. All profits have to either go back into the company for a demonstrable use that must be disclosed fully, or be paid to the government in taxes. Stock trading is banned (sorry @rym ) and profits from private investment are capped. Fuck capitalism.

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Someone cracked the hashing algorithm YouTube uses for video IDs.

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It’s called google stadia because you have to stadia, dropida and rollida away.

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uBlock Origin only!

uBlock Origin builds getting rejected for the Chrome store.

Use Firefox!