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Making it a condition “related to sexual health” IMO is worse because it makes gender dysphoria sound like a fetish.


I get what you are saying, but labeling it a mental illness is pretty clearly worse.


Only because mental illness is unfairly stigmatized. If there was wide acceptance of conditions like depression and schizophrenia the trans community wouldn’t mind being classified as a mental illness. It’s been a sore spot with me for a long time that so many trans people respond to being the end of the stigma of mental illness by saying they’re falsely categorized rather than rejecting the stigma as the unjust prejudice it is. As someone who suffers from both bipolar disorder and gender dysphoria, they’ve always felt like two sides of the same coin both in abstract and in experience. Intrusive thoughts, self harm habits, and suicidal tendencies are commonalities between depression, anxiety, and gender dysphoria. It seems they have more alike then they have different.




Vertical Switch mount


You can just use the fishing Labo to hold it vertically.


The cardboard box is opinionated about the angle of the display, since it’s meant to sit on the floor. I’d rather hold the entire thing if I’m on public transportation. (It’s also only $12)





Reddit loses their minds over ketchup.




Well, afterward a whole lot of crap went down with Extra Credits pertaining to alleged misconduct by James Portnow and I am not sure whether that was also a reason for Daniel’s departure. However, the good news is that Dan Prime has moved all his animation analysis videos to a new channel called New Frame Plus and plans to release new videos there.



Not saying the dude is bad at Tetris. Clearly better than me. But I take umbrage with calling someone who plays NES/classic Tetris a Tetris Expert. The real experts are playing Grand Master:

Tetris Effect looks good though. I’ll play it.


I mean, I can sorta relate but at the same time I really cant. Like if someone is king of the world at original Mortal Kombat for the NES. They’re a Mortal Kombat expert, even if they’d get stomped in a modern game of Capcom vs SNK vs Simpsons or whatever the new hotness is in the fighting game community.

I can appreciate someone who finds something they like and decides to master exactly that, without regard for the new things that come out in the domain.

Pokemon Red high level duels are very different to Pokemon like… X?