Things of Your Day



Someone hacked Super Mario 64 to make it look and sound like The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.


I was digging through ancient favorites on my Youtube when I found this.

Let no one ever forget Rym’s demise. :stuck_out_tongue:



A way to block advertising on your YouTube channel.



Was not aware that this was a thing.


Today is Primary Election Day, and I’m doing more than just voting–I’m volunteering.

I’m currently in the middle of a day-long shift.


This was my thing of yesterday but Paul Williams, musical director for the Muppet Show and The Muppet Movie responded to my Muppet tweet.


Care to link to said Tweet?




I’m still waiting for them to do wine expert.


They probably can’t find one who can get them right >>


It’s opening night for the show I’m in with the amateur drama group. The play is just over half an hour in length and will be followed by a murder mystery play. It’s all looking really positive.

Hopefully it’ll all go smoothly! It’s my first time in a play since school!


I watched this knife video and actually didn’t enjoy it as much as the cheese and deli meat ones. I didn’t learn much, but maybe that’s because I already had a little bit of knife knowledge. What I did like was that although this knife expert was easily able to determine which knife was more expensive (so was I), he also seemed to tell people that the more expensive knife was not actually superior, and people should buy the cheap knives. The food experts were definitely of the opinion that the more expensive foods were more delicious.


I’m a heathen who uses knives I put through the dishwasher and never sharpens things.


In the afterlife your destroyed knives will come back and repeatedly stab you for all eternity.


So the plot of Utena basically :wink:


I was too lazy to go get a gif, but yes, that is what I was thinking.