Things of Your Day


This is a video series of random animated images set to ninja turtles music.


Jamspace at pax East has every concert on YouTube now. Enjoy your background music for the week.


Quality orchestral shitposting.


I remember there being some bullshit where these couldn’t be put on YouTube, but apparently the Otakon 2009 and 2010 opening animations are online:


“NVIDIA is taking Photoshop-style “Content-Aware Fill” to the next level. The company has introduced a new state-of-the-art technique that uses AI to realistically reconstruct photos. This 2-minute video introduces the technology and contains examples that may blow your mind.”






This whole channel.


Specifically the driver: dot com/watch?v=Kz8rjZiADts

Damnit, after like 5 minutes I decided I think someone actually got hurt and investigated further… Yep. All of a sudden it’s less funny and I feel bad.

Gonna remove the popup.






It wasn’t quite as funny as Hasan Minhaj’s last year but it was much more savage on the administration. Sarah Huckabee Sanders really took it on the teeth but it was well deserved.


yeah, that was pretty incredible to watch. That kind of savage beating is actually pretty hard to do, so full points to her for being able to deliver it to their faces.I laughed out loud at some of the lines she threw sarah’s way.


Edit: the Internet informed me it was @Apreche birthday today, happy birthday.


Early color film samples found on the ends of unrelated reels.