Things of Your Day



Today’s Wondermark is wonderfully relevent to any of us who have ever run or attended a panel:


A+ Wondermark. Maybe even better than the sea lion.


That’s going in every slide deck we have from now on, right before Scott’s Rules of Question Asking.


In the four years and twelve iterations of Family Geeks we never got that guy and that may be my proudest achievement as a panelist.



Then you want to watch Counting Cars.


What’s Family Geeks about?


The full title was “The Family That Geeks Together Keeps Together: How To Talk To Your Parents About Anime.” It was done by me and my parents when I was in middle/high school. It was mom’s idea after a lot of conversations she’d had with teenagers and parents on the subject at cons. It ran mostly from 2009-2012 when we discontinued it because we felt the con scene had stopped needing us for the most part, with the final iterations mostly being us preaching to the choir.




Mother fucking Peanutbutter Squid.


Its called Trolldorm for a reason.