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Many moon ago this guy performed “here comes the sun” by the beatles slowed down by like 20x so that he could record it during the actual sunrise then made a shorter video which was that recording sped up.

In this video he does some music theory such that even nubs like me can follow. feelin’ it. Not sure how it’ll be for peeps who already know music theory, who likely already know this junk.


I wish I’d seen that video like a year ago when I was first getting into arrangement. Would have saved me a lot of trial and error. That, and, although I already knew all of that, I had not heard some of the wrong sounding stuff, and hearing it gave me ideas for how to write basslines.


Well if you write (or have written) some inspired bass lines, if possible I’d like to hear them.

When I listen to most modern music, I zero in on the bass, it’s an old habbit picked up from childhood (interestingly it leads to you humming bass lines that people “recognize but can’t place” all the time) and in so doing I’ve noticed that the vast vast majority of bass lines are boring. One note for a bar, another note for the next bar 20 goto 10.

Interesting basslines are trickier to come by: Here’s a compilation of a bunch of good ones, isolated:



I can’t believe I didn’t think of this.






I haven’t watched this video since before this upload was on YouTube (and the cut I saw didn’t have so much of the TV host, who apparently never heard “My Sharona” cause he gets the name and the name of the band wrong). It’s my favorite Al performance because there’s nothing hiding him or for him to hide behind. All he and Bermuda need to pull off a performance that stands the test of time is the accordion, it’s case, and some bells and whistles. If someone asked me today who Weird Al is, I’d show them one of the recent polkas, then this video.

Interestingly, Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz is still his drummer. He had already become an accomplished session drummer in LA, which he abandoned to be Al’s exclusive drummer. He has played every Weird Al concert since this video (except three where he was sick). I think after you play this set you’re either with this weirdo for life or never talking to him again.


Beyonce at Coachella.

:crown::honeybee: = :goat:




So someone who saw my PAX panel on twitch just informed me that she knows my fiancee, small world aint it?


Some time ago I heard professional wrestler Kevin Owens on a podcast tell a tale about how he was accosted by an annoying fan while at a gas station. The annoying fan goes “Hey sorry man, but are you Kevin Owens?” and Owens just goes “Sometimes” and walks away.


A actual fallout bomb collar in real life.



Saw a fun compilation of more tweets like this the other day.