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Microsoft open sources the Windows 3.0 file manager.



Some MIT students printed out brass rats and did some FRID rejiggering (I know nothing of rfid and the linked pdf goes a bit over my head) to make rings that let them navigate their campus.

It also MAYBE stops the tracking most university students are subjected to. I’m not sure.

Most notable is the swf files for the hollow brass rat, allowing punk kids like me to print one out.

Fun fact local libraries have 3d printers they’ll let ya use.


Okay the hack is cool and all but there is a bigger question here. Why are MIT students being tracked?


That was my first question as well, however, I think it’s a pretty benign form of tracking and furthermore I don’t think this actually circumvents though I could be wrong, I don’t know enough about rfid to say.

The benign form of tracking is the same shit I subjected myself to when I went to RIT, you get a student ID, and then you use that student ID to get into campus buildings. It’s really a security feature and it also allowed me to use my meal plan and other such nonsense common to university students.

When you use said ID to get into buildings it has to know enough about you to know what buildings to let you into. I was allowed into the electrical engineering lab and not the cadaver lab, for instance. Given that the card knows my level of access it also stores other info about me, and logs said info.

In this way I was tracked.


I’ve seen Black Rose Saga too many times to think this goes anywhere good.


LOL, I think that further motivates me to get them printed and hand them out at cons I meet other geek nights forum goers at.


Oh, if that’s all it is then that’s no different from what I had in college, combination ID/Mealcard/Keycard that only worked on my dorm and a few computer labs. I just see RFID tracking and assume the worst.


I wanna go


omg, you win the thread.





I kinda like the American Chopper meme, but since I watched a lot of American Chopper when starving for even remotely watchable automotive content, I also can’t look at it without thinking about how that argument kinda represents the final breakdown of their relationship as a family - Paul Sr fired Paul Jr over that argument, and they’re still estranged to this day. I mean, sure, Paul Jr and Mikey seem to be doing better with their lives without the toxic influence of their father in their lives, but still, can’t help but remember it.


Ok, so I looked up the actual argument and that slightly improved the meme by giving it some context. Still, it’s not that great.

Also, they got some real anger issues getting that mad about work schedules.


American chopper, like most of those types of shows are overly dramatised.

You never get anything like this with UK equivalent shows.

Not saying that Teutul Snr and Jr don’t have issues, but that the arguments and escalations are part performance.


I enjoyed the motorcycle building parts of American Chopper but wanted everyone to just shut up and do their jobs when it came to the family dynamics and whatnot.

I wanted to see cool bikes being built, not stupid drama.


Initial D typing game


You were sadly in the minority. I’m with you though I’m not there for the pseudo-fake drama in any of these show.


It’s the sort of thing that builds for years - it’s not that argument, that argument is just another expression of the animosity between them.

No, they are really not. It’s the one thing the show didn’t fake or hype up(OCC isn’t even a good custom shop, they just take crate motors and prebuild frames, and tack crap to them for display bikes), those arguments were real. They were even happening before the show started. It’s been something like ten or fifteen years since, Paul Sr and Jr still don’t talk, except through lawyers, Mikey(The slightly larger brother with the longer hair) doesn’t talk to their father, either. They might have shot it dramatically, but the arguments were entirely organic.