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So I have maybe gotten a spot in a panel (actual panel not a lecture) at Escape Velocity in late May. I was informed to ask if I could bring anyone to the table (haha) to talk about how board games handle science fiction and space travel to an analogue realm.

So @Rym @Apreche or anyone else let me know if you are interested.

Also the best April fool’s joke.


This is what happens when you have centralized control over local news stations:


Fucking 777 rule we need you back.


New DNS from Cloudflare



Part 2:








We have officially peaked as humanity.


I…I don’t get it.


If I’m reading it right you can make an infinite damage loop with those four cards. Tap the elf to generate one each of blue white black and green mana, spend the blue to untap it per the blue enchantment effect, there’s your infinite mana loop, that infinite mana is the correct colors to infinitely cast the white enchantment effect, which is converted to damage by the black enchantment effect.


While that is true, there is also something else contained in that picture beyond an infinite combo.


I’m at a total loss.

But the damage loop thing is also pretty rad.