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Nah, his rage fuelled spirit would burst forth from the ground and attack the developers till he was number on. you don’t go messing around with LUUUUUUBUUUU!



So, there’s an awful game called Super Seducer that was made for PlayStation Network, and rightfully banned from the platform. It was released on Steam a couple of weeks ago.

I won’t link to the game for the sake of your sanity, but the cutscenes are Tommy Wiseau levels of hilariously awful.


Yeah a lot of people are streaming it to make fun of it.


This isn’t the thing of my day but it’ll probably be the thing of one of yours.



I haven’t watched The Simpsons in years, but their couch gags can still be a real treat at times, especially when it’s done by a guest animator.

Tonight’s couch gag was animated by Bill Plympton, and it’s a tribute to one of his first films, “Your Face.”

EDIT: Here’s the original.



The whole channel is like this.





Also this:

Do your thing, internet


The perfect storm



Maybe this isn’t quite the right venue for this video, considering most “Things of the Day” are just short fluff to make the day a bit more enjoyable, or somewhat interesting explanations etc. but jeez, just WATCH THIS VIDEO! (despite the goofy thumbnail)


Not earth-shattering, but the avocado I was saving for today is perfectly ripe and delicious, and it truly has made my day. :smiley:



Oh hey, that’s Gigguk, who just got caught being part of a massive scam and lying about it. Which I will detail in a bit when I’m not literally already halfway out the door to drop my housemate off in town, and I’m just waiting for them to get ready.

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