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Nope, put shit in my brain and give me a cyborg body I don’t care. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again if someone wants to steal your credit card number and hack your computer to see all your pirated anime and filthy pornography or take over your cool Ghost in the Shell robot arm and make you punch yourself in the face badly enough they’re going to and no one can stop them.


You gotta be the one who is taking over other people’s cyborg bodies and not the cyborg body that is being taken over.


Tech* is neither good or bad. I’m enjoying that there’s at least one tiny moment of self-reflection in the minds of these students.

* And interface, for you Donuts.



@Apreche this one is for you


They must have edited out the part where the person broke their leg.


I mean, I want to make fun of Scott because he’s a bit soft and timid about this sort of stuff, but someone in the video literally does break their leg a little bit. Just not the learning guy.


He learned much faster than most people do.

Skiing is very safe unless you are pushing limits, skiing where you shouldn’t be, or extremely reckless.


Or following someone trying to film them, apparently.




Lu Bu is OP. Like, could he could maybe even give Voltron a tough time.


Oh for sure. He is god tier.

Fun fact still use Lubu as a verb thanks to Fast Karate.


Fun fact: I have played Dynasty Warriors ONCE. It was for PS2. This was in 2002 or 3. There are only two things I remember.

  1. All you do in that game is mash buttons and watch tons of dudes get mowed down.

  2. Lu Bu is OP.


Well can you imagine what would happen if he wasn’t op?


That giant army of generic dudes would take 10x longer to exterminate.


I have 100% completed/Platinumed all of Dynasty Warriors 3-8, Samurai Warriors 1 and 2, each of their expansions, Warriors Orochi 1-3 (Dynasty Warriors x Samurai Warriors), and Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes.

I regret nothing.


This is pretty funny: