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Herbie Hancock schools us all.


This picture is too good to be segregated into the Hockey thread


That is a Renaissance painting.


Dirty fuckin’ dangles




Today I learned about Big Marvel, life will not be the same.


Most honest crypto-currency site.



Ladies and Gentlemen: LiarTownUSA.

A graphic designer makes beautiful lies.




This is actually from many days ago, in last year, but I can’t believe I didn’t post about this. Or at least, it doesn’t show up in search.

So, Cat empire threw a bunch of old concerts up on spotify, including one of the first concerts I ever went to, live at the Zoo in 2003. I snuck out, rode a motorbike I borrowed from a friend and had left at a nearby friend’s house to get there, and bullshitted my way into the venue, because I was well underage but looked just old enough in the dark if I dressed right and let my scruff grow out, to be plausibly 18, met up with some mates already inside, got rat-arsed and jammed out to this mad new band that I’d heard about online, ended up crashing out, thoroughly drunk and disorderly, on the couches for the arts theatre, since I was a member and knew how to sneak into the back area for the cast to relax, and that area didn’t have an alarm. Got woken up the next day by cast pre-run for the opening night of a Terry Pratchett play the next day. Or at least, I think it was Terry Pratchett, I don’t remember exactly.

Here’s the Spotify link to the live recording.


That’s fantastic news! I’ve always liked their music, and their live show at Bernie led to me starting to listen to Triple J a decade ago. Their live shows have always been fantastic and having more of them easily available is good news.


They had two other concerts on there that I had a connection to, though admittedly, not as strong as that one - I was also at the woodford folk festival performance in 2007, but I just went with someone I was seeing at the time, and spent much of the time off my face, and I almost went to the Shepard’s Bush concert in 2009, but I ended up having to sell my tickets, and went to the 02 academy date in Leeds for the same tour. I also ended up joining their brisbane street team for a little while, putting up posters, all that sort of stuff - I still have a thank-you postcard from Felix around somewhere. He said I had a cool name(since, I went by Churba with the street team people, too.)

Also, I assume you don’t mean Burnie, Tasmania?


I do mean Burnie, Tasmiania. The local alt rock station played a lot from their debut album and Two Shoes, and after I happened to find that live show on the high seas, I was in love.



Oh, I think I was at that 2007 Woodford show too! I’ve kind of grown out of their music, but I still look back on their concerts fondly. Boy howdy, could they work a crowd.


I’m not as fond of their newer stuff, but I still throw it on from time to time. And their older stuff is still on some of my party playlists, they have some good tracks for just having on with people about. And yeah, they threw a fucking good concert, they were always great live.