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My friend found this


UPDATE: Two new seasons coming to Hulu in 2020.


Amazon has ended Amazon Strike.


Huh, I work at the company and didn’t even know that was a thing. Guess it’s not surprising given that?


I just found this channel today. A man who has been blind since birth answers people’s blind questions. He is also super upbeat and gregarious, the perfect shot of positivity to counter whatever Trump has done most recently.


An approachable primer to Meltdown/Spectre that also explains how Raspberry Pi isn’t affected. Short answer: the ARM processors RPi uses are too simple and don’t have speculative execution.


Not sure whether this is ToYD or Random Comments but I’m taking two online classes this semester to ease myself back into academics. Hoping to be in good enough psychological shape to go in person in the fall.


A bullet snack couldn’t happen to a more appropriate guy.



So I tried to paste this twitter link, but _MG_ get’s reformatted into italics MG <— this format works



Before i click on this, it better be Backstreet Boys.

Edit: Yes. Good.




This case looks cool.


Got a free Daydream VR headset today, even with my glasses being a nuisance I’m really excited about VR now, if only it was more affordable to get a decent set up.



Cool! I work on Daydream. Feel free to hit me with any feedback you might have.


This image has so many uses. It resonates with me on a spiritual level.