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Editor’s comments on Milo’s manuscript:

DELETE UGH is my new reply to any and all conservative bullshit.


From what I recall the image in question giving a mass was preliminary numbers and it had been revised in both size and mass.

Even still I wouldn’t count on it having a significant surface gravity based on its intrinsic mass alone, but Star Wars has had no qualms about generating artificial gravity so it’s all a bit moot anyway.



My favourite woman bathed in pink light released a new video:

I recommend it. It’s a bit 101 but it also manages to talk eastern bloc style philosophy while keeping it fun. Anyone who’s read Smith can say that’s challenging.


“Daemonette of Slaanesh” actually had me laughing pretty hard.


The infamous “Nigerian prince” Email scammer is finally arrested.


There is this thing going on between those two. Contra Points is just being her leftist-but-willing-to-engage-with-the-right self and the golden one being his really alt right, but somehow somewhat femme
(check out his liberal use of extremely elven fonts) self and I think she’s got a crush on him.

He’s a shit lord but he’s also a fascinating window into the psyche of a shitlord, especially when he does his racist skyrim roleplays.

I have never seen literally anything he’s ever done other than the clips Contra puts on her channel in the greater context of her own videos or just for a bit of comic relief.


I saw this posted on lefty reddit earlier. They’re savaging her, as usual - people have been a LOT harder on her since she released her “My issues with the left” video, where she basically just said “Look, the left has some problems too, here’s the stuff I don’t like.” Especially the leftist-declaring sections of lefty-reddit, who appear to have pretty much all but declared her The Enemy.

That said, I’ve had a lot of conversations over the the last two years or so that were eerily similar to the skit in that video.


I take it you mean this one. I can’t imagine someone thinking of her as “the enemy” except the right. Would you mind giving me the tools to educate myself? (where (on reddit or elsewhere) you see people on the left all but declaring her the enemy)

I’m actually finding her to be a really great resource. Her caricatures of a TERF, a facist, a classical liberal, a super left catgirl, etc are sorta useful as a mental framework.


I can’t follow half of the conversations I read on the internet because they seem predicated on a lot of assumptions that are either not intuitive to me or were blown out of the water by various historical philosophers to one degree or another. Maybe I’m uninformed or unintelligent, but most of these arguments don’t seem particularly brilliant.

I can’t comprehend how there are nazis still. Seems like a completely untenable position.

I also get that capitalism is flawed, and I’ve had qualms with it from the very first time I asked a teacher “but where does money get it’s value from” in middle school and the answer they parroted didn’t actually connect the dots. I’ve certainly come to understand it better than that teacher did, but all those loose hanging threads point at little issues that are going to fuck a whole lot of shit up, whether what happens is scarcity or singularity.

I’m not convinced the answer is going to come from anarchy or socialism.

I’m pretty convinced most people, rich and poor, are too self interested on these topics to divorce themselves from whatever they think will put themselves in a better position.

I definitely see how many sides see the appeal of just saying, “fuck it, wreck shit.”


Hit up Ghazi, for one. There’s a lot of folk there who are harder on her for even talking to people outside the fold, than they ever were on Hbomb for straight up throwing a trans sexual assault victim under the bus in favor of his friend, the perpetrator of the assault.

It’s not an outright thing, it’s something you pick up from context - it’s the ardent criticism of everything she does, the passive-aggression and eye-rolling, the willful mischaracterisation of her ideals and statements, the endless picking appart anything she says. Which seems like normal, until you remember that there’s other leftist folk, like Cenk, the CTH crew, Greenwald etc who get straight up passes for shitty behavior, and often defended for it.

For example, just the day before they were discussing the latest Contra video, they were dismissing Cenk being caught being a mysoginistic shit in 2016 as “Not a deal” and “Just a smear from people who hate TYT”, and due to the person who bought it to attention, “Just a right-wing hatchet job.” And a few days before that, some older stuff that got uncovered, it was “Oh, but he’s changed, that was a long time ago, he’s one of the good ones now, just forget about it”. And people defending him about his Armenian Genocide denial in much the same way - it was a long time ago, he’s changed, etc.

Meanwhile, Contra makes fun of and with Leftists ever-so-gently, and suddenly she’s under the microscope, and every word and deed scrutinized, and often criticized. Instead of shooting on sight, it’s death by a thousand cuts, but they’re still going for it.

Nah, it’s alright. Most of them aren’t. But it doesn’t have to be. As the saying goes, if it’s stupid and it works…

Because racism and fascism is still alive and well. If it wasn’t under the nazi flag, it would be another dead facist regime’s flag, or one of their own invention.


Do you mean gamerghazi? Nevermind. You mean gamerghazi.

Written before I found it

So, I’m googling, /r/ghazi doesn’t seem to exist. Google seems to tell me that Ghazi is the name of a ship, the name of several towns in several provinces in Iran, the name of a Indian war film, an Islamic term for one who engages in religious warfare, a bunch of important people throughout history’s name, and a handful of other things from the wikipedia disambiguation page.

A thing it does not seem to be after a few minutes of actual searching is a place where people are extremely critical of Contra Points while giving other people who don’t deserve it a free pass.


Yes! That’s the one, Sorry mate, used the short version out of habit, sorry for the confusion.


Not at all, not being spoonfed is it’s own reward.



(15 kinky characters.)


Regency Era Star Wars is exactly what I need in my life:


BBC recovering film using x-rays and lasers:



Fakespot - A website that scans apps and websites for fake user reviews.


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