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Microsoft releases its Quantum Dev Kit Preview.


I was reading through the documentation and the sample program. Well outside my understanding but interesting none the less.


Roller Coaster nerd alert @Rym


Animated film from Spain. Has a dark and moody feel about it.


it’s like petty revenge, but it isn’t petty, and it’s against real assholes.


A Kentucky state senator has committed suicide amid allegations of sexual misconduct have resurfaced after an investigative report was just released about him. The story is much deeper than that though, and reads like a work of fiction.

Salient points include:

  • Claiming to be the ‘pope’ of Louisville (lol GTFOOH)
  • Opening a church for bikers that sold beer and held rowdy parties on the regular
  • Claiming he has healed blind people
  • Claiming to be at Ground Zero on 9/11 and helping give last rites to victims as they were pulled out to a makeshift morgue
  • Claiming to have PTSD from said event and drawing New York SS benefits despite never having a permanent residence there
  • Torching his Cadillac for insurance money
  • Torching his church for insurance money (never proven with enough evidence, though it is highly suspected)
  • Sexually molested and assaulted `a preteen girl that had been a family friend.
  • Providing alcohol to minors and letting them party it up in his church.


The bot-written chapter is equally amazing.






Will you update your profile picture? :stuck_out_tongue:


After it’s done, maybe, though this character being made is a fox!


Play dropmix with twitch


Cookies are serious business.


These are always hilarious.



Here we have the daddy three video:


has anyone played dropmix? It looks super interesting as a party game/activity, but I don’t know if it would hold up enough to own it

I am glad to hear they went with the LCG model


I haven’t, but I’ve seen it a lot. My first instinct is that it’s just a gimmick, and not actually a good game. Also, even if it were good, will it get enough replay value to be worth investing in owning it? Almost definitely not. It will just be a novelty at conventions like Steel Battalion.