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I’m gonna hop on the Boycott Thanksgiving movement then.


Alice’s restaurant was one of those tapes my parents always played in the car. Haven’t herd it in years.


Why is that a thing? My family does it too. How many people on here do?

Update : there is a movie and we are now watching it


When I think “Alice’s Restaurant”, I think of a guy who gave me a mixtape at work with his favorite folky/older songs of the era which means when I think of “Alice’s Restaurant”, I’m also thinking of “Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner”, “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”, some Gil Scott Heron, and “Young Americans”, among others.

That guy was pretty cool.


Doesn’t everyone listen to that song on Thanksgiving?


My folks do, although I guess they forgot this year.


I’ve never heard this song on Thanksgiving.


This is my first time hearing this song ever. Is this a white america thing?


I’d never thought of it that way but I can’t think of any POC who have strong opinions on Arlo Guthrie,



This was years ago, why are you posting it now?

Is this a Discourse bug or something? I’m half serious…

NEVER MIND, I’m an idiot.


The main story of the Alice’s Restaurant Massacre takes place on Thanksgiving.




Same here… if it’s a white America thing, I guess it’s a “white America whose family has been in the country for at least a couple of generations” thing as I’m white (or Latino, but that depends on what set of rules you use), but my family has only been here since the 1960s.


I wonder if it’s more a “People who’s parents were hippies in the 60s” thing, rather than being a “white people thing”.


A local radio station would play Alice’s Restaurant more or less on repeat every Thanksgiving, I didn’t actually listen to it all the way through until high school and just assumed that it was like 4 hours long.


This is the only Thanksgiving song you should play.


I think it might be, because my family are the whitest of white people and none of them have ever heard of this.


Could well be. My parents were/are hippies and listen to it every Thanksgiving.