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Curl developer wins tech award for curl. Nice!


I know I’ve been out of touch with the UK news for the last few days, but, uh, England, are you alright?


What event would call for throttling a badger?


It’s UKIP, so god only knows, practically anything I assume.


I <3 this thread:



At a guess…

UKIP are a right wing isolationist party and they recently chose a Lion as their mascot animal. To which any sensible comedian would say “Why not choose a native British animal?” and then trying to think of something stereotypically British they’d follow with “Like a badger!”.

Then UKIP would be all serious and say “But a lion is big and strong! I could throttle a Badger!”

Oh my god. That’s got to be it!

Edit: Oh no I’m wrong, he just said it out the blue. Wow!


Update to Coldguy’s post above:


This was both exactly what I expected, and exactly what I wanted. 2017: the first time giant robots with humans in them punched each other


The second fight looked rather staged I thought. Could have been just the editing of the tape though.


Found this image of my grandparents during their wedding while spelunking through old back up drives, I had completely forgotten that I had this picture in the first place. It’s a beautiful reminder of who they were at the beginning of their 60+ years of marriage.


Reaction of the lady in the back is me.


Mate I don’t even know anymore.


This is very techy but it’s approachable.


“This is weird, this exposes some things, you wouldn’t usually do this.”

If I can figure out how to execute php with privileges on your system I can basically execute arbitrary code, and with this there’s a firewall, windows pop ups, and a password between someone and that, but it’s technically conceivable. And really a particular processor/motherboards raid configuration utility is not where I’d first think there was a vulnerability like that.

Yeah, that’s kinda bad. Not like trivial everyone is vulnerable bad, but I think absolutely no software should be setting up a webserver on someone’s local machine that isn’t intending to be a webserver. That’s just not what you do.


This seemed appropriate for the FRCF


This made the rounds on the old forum back in the day. Still amazing though.


I would put this in the Lego thread, but this is less of a Lego build and more of a piece of art:


I thought it seemed familiar.