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You’ve embarked upon a strange quest into the mind of elderly gentlemen who despite their urinary incontinence cannot bear to either give up golf not can they bear the thought of excusing themselves from the game every so often to urinate.

Take that guy but he’s also terrible at golf such that the fact that his clubs changes both weight and weight ratio doesn’t throw him off his game. Also I guess he’s ok with the thought of urinating in public so long as he’s not caught and voila, you’ve got your extremely narrow market.


I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to use the UroClub as an actual golf club; it’s just a disguise.


You’re also not supposed to blow on the contacts of cartridges.


Now if the UroClub was also one of these…



This article! It is a fascinating read, even for those unfortunates who are already familiar with Kek.

Edit: Then, I found this gem. TL;DR: Gwenyth Paltrow is not a doctor and you should not pay her $60 for rocks to put in your vagina.


Rejected Princesses: Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kid’s movies.

Here’s Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, Queens of the Sydney Underworld, to start you off.


So, I spotted this while looking up future releases on the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

The price is pretty dismal, just $0.97 per stock and it’s trending down, but I’m looking forward to this movie. I might even go see it in theaters, though it’s only coming to THREE theaters in all of LA County. This sucker is getting a SUPER limited release.


If you do see it, I think it would be neat if you reviewed it on FNPL.


Unfortunately, it opens while I’m away performing at a con. I hope they keep it in theaters at least for a week.


My Netrunner NYC friends had a cyberpunk wedding.


So much truth spoken


Meh. He’s just hating on the winning teams. He’s only right about Philly and Dallas.


Twitter moments actually made something pretty cool.
My favourites are him fist bumping the guy emptying the garbage and playing basketball.


The descriptions seem interesting enough and explains the attitudes of the Seahawks related social media.
Spot on about the soccer teams.

However this guy owns up to being a piece of shit that supports “The Redskins”.


Lives in DC ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I will say Luke Thomas is probably one of the most progressive commentators in sports right now. Take a look at this hot take on race, MMA, and promotional mistreatment (18m to 21:30m)


Seems very aware, educated, well spoken and intelligent.
I don’t get how people continue to accept the team but I guess I don’t understand that portion of society in the US that is fine with the NFL team’s name. I guess I just disagree with the Redskins name.


Eh, I know quite a few non-pieces of shit who support the Redskins but couldn’t care less about the name. Supporting the team and supporting the name aren’t always the same issue.


Yesterday was my first time visiting New York City. That is my thing of the day. \o/


I’d love there to be a new face to MMA other than Dana White or fuckin’ Joe Rogan.