Things of Your Day

  • Safari can block auto-play now.
  • On iOS, Firefox Focus can bet set as a Open URL With… target for throwaway, ad-free browsing.




Canadian tourism ad, made by Makoto Shinkai


I want an entire anime of that. I want an anime of two young japanese tourists traipsing around Canada after having won a vacation, making friends, memories, and discoveries about themselves during their month long journey followed by the sobering reality of having to return back to their daily lives. I want that in my life.


As long as they run into AvE on their journey.




Just kinda nifty that their full scheme of finance software is gonna just be one git pull away.


So Rebecca Sugar did a podcast with Cameron Esposito and it was really good.






Ok sorry to double post but my new TotD supersedes my old one:




I guess I’m 3.5


I don’t even have rank on that list.
I watch anime beyond just most mainstream stuff, but I don’t do or buy any of the stuff from level 3 and beyond.
I guess, I’m some kind of anime-Teen?


What (presumably) American anime fan would know about Doraemon, but not Sailor Moon? Unless it’s really taken off in the last few years because of the Disney broadcast, I always thought it was another show that’s hugely popular elsewhere, but never caught on in the US.


I’m probably right around a 4.